Places to Visit in Guanshan, Taiwan, Asia

Places to Visit in Guanshan, Taiwan, Asia

Guanshan is a town in Taiwan in Republic of China and situated towards the north part of Taitung County. Guanshan covers an area of 58.735 Sq Kms is situated in the Huantung Valley and River Beinan flows through the town. Populace of the Guanshan town depends on agriculture and tourism for their livelihood. There are few renowned educational institutions in the town which offers good quality education and Guanshan is bounded by Donghe, Chenggong, Fuli, Haiduan, Yanping, Luye, Chishang and Taidong and coordinates of Guanshan is 23.01806°N 121.19389°E.


Tourism in Guanshan:

Guanshan is renowned for Guan peak is a green peak renowned for its stunning surroundings and town is not only delimited by peaks but also a stream on the east. Guanshan is famous for cycling trails and tourists can see peaceful rice paddies along the trails. In the last part of the cycling trail is a stream square can be found close to the peak and there is an over water way which leads cyclists back to the start and thousands of tourists from China and Japan visit this site throughout the year.


Food and Culture in Guanshan:

Guanshan offers wide range of cuisine blend with the culture in the town and tourists can find wide range of Taiwanese, Aboriginal, and other East and Southeast Asian food and there is also various fresh water fish cuisine available in the town. Populace of the region follows diverse aboriginal culture.


Places to Visit in Guanshan:

Huatung Valley:

Huatung Valley is also recognized as East Rift Valley and an extended and slender valley situated between Chungyang Range and Haian Ranges is used for cycling and there are number of farm lands along the cycling track.


Haian Range:

It is a mountain range situated on the east coast of Taiwan and the highest mountain in the range is located at an elevation of 5,518 feet (1,682 meters) above the sea level and thousands of tourists visit this place throughout the year.


Beinan River:

This is one of the famed rivers in the town which flows through the town and number of tourists gathers at the site to view the charming view of surroundings.


Other Places to Visit in Guanshan:

  • Lulin Observatory
  • Janfusun Fancyworld
  • Yushan
  • Siouguluan Mountain

Best time to Visit Guanshan:

Guanshan is a mountain range and climate is pleasant throughout the year but the best time to visit Guanshan is between the months of April to November.


How to Reach Guanshan?

By Air:

Taitung Airport is located in Taidong city in Taitung County in Taiwan, located at the distance of 44 Kms from the Guanshan town and this airport serves with domestic flights to cities like Lanyu, Lyudao, Taipei and Songshan. Tourists can hire taxiss from airport to Guanshan town.


By Train:

Guanshan is a hilly region and it is served by Guanshan Station, which lies on Hua Tung line and the station is located 7 Kms away from centre of the town is connected to several cities and towns in Taiwan.


By Road:

Roads are well developed and maintained in the town and there are number of buses plying from various parts of Taitung County to Guanshan town frequently and other local mode of transportation includes bicycles, motorcycles, taxiss, and cars.


Where to Stay in Guanshan?

Guanshan is famed for its mountain valley and scenery and hotels are situated in and around the town, which provides all the major facilities to customers and cost from $ 30 to $ 150 and above per night. Some of the prominent hotels in and around Guanshan are listed below:

  • Toong Mao Hot Spring Hotel
  • Shan Shui Jyu Hotel
  • Shan Shui Shen Resortopia Hotel
  • Papago International Resort
  • Jail House Hostel
  • 21 Holiday Resort
  • Luminous Hot Spring Resort & Spa
  • Lehuo Shoudo Moli Homestay
  • Chief Spa Hotel
  • Goodlife B&B
  • Eshine Villa

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