Places to Visit in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan, Asia

Places to Visit in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan, Asia

Kaohsiung is a city in Taiwan is one of the five special municipalities in Taiwan located towards the south western part of Taiwan. Kaohsiung city covers an area of 2,947.62 Sq Kms is one of the major hubs for political, economic, transportation, manufacturing, refining, shipbuilding, and industries in south Taiwan and it is home for number of universities and health care centres.

Kaohsiung city is surrounded by Tainan City, Taitung County, Pingtung County, Yongkang, Donggang and Fangliao and located at the distance of 362 Kms from capital of Taiwan, Taipei and coordinates of Kaohsiung city is 22.633°N, 120.267° E.


Tourism in Kaohsiung City:

       Kaohsiung city is well-known for several tourist destinations in Taiwan and bounded by mountains, rivers, valleys, landscapes, temples and various other tourist sites and tourists from various countries visit Kaohsiung City throughout the year. Kaohsiung is a cultural and traditional city and there are number of historical monuments located in the city.


Places to Visit in Kaohsiung City:

TianHou Temple:

This temple was constructed around 300 years ago is the oldest temple in the city devoted to Goddess of Sailors.


Lotus Lake:

Lotus Lake is a manmade structure identified for several lotus and temples along the banks is the most popular attraction in Kaohsiung city.


Museum of Fine Arts:

This museum has collection of wide range of historical artifacts and showcases the Taiwan culture. Fine Arts museum is situated in Gushan district in Kaohsiung city.



Zuoying is a historical city and oldest city in Kaohsiung Cut and tourist can come across the culture and tradition of city.


Places to Visit in Kaohsiung City:

  • Love River
  • ChiHou Lighthouse
  • Chihou Fort
  • Tuntex Sky Tower
  • Chai Mountain
  • National Science and Technology Museum
  • Dragon and Tiger Pagodas


Things to do in Kaohsiung City:

  • Dream Mall
  • British Consulate
  • The Dome of Light
  • Beach
  • Rising Victory Bicycles
  • Kaohsiung Lantern Festival


Food and Culture in Kaohsiung City:

There are several seafood restaurants and hotels in and around the city which serves authentic and traditional Taiwanese cuisine. Kaohsiung city stands on rich culture and resources and populace of the region follows diverse culture and culture of the city be seen the streets loveliness and elegance of its public communication.


Best time to Visit Kaohsiung City:

Kaohsiung is a pleasant city and receives rainfall almost throughout the year and best time to visit Kaohsiung city is between the months of October to March.


How to Reach Kaohsiung City?

By Air:

Kaohsiung City is served by Kaohsiung International Airport located at the distance of 80 Kms from center of the city and this airport serves domestic and international flights to several cities in the world and taxiss, buses and trains are available from airport to various destinations in Kaohsiung city.


By Sea:

Kaohsiung city as its own port is also one of the major ports in the city and this port is located at the distance of 80 Kms from center of the city and this port is mainly used for import and export purpose and it serves with domestic and international ferries.


By Train:

Kaohsiung City is served by Kaohsiung Station, which comes under TRA Western Link line and Pingtung Line this railway line is well connected to various cities and towns in Taiwan and it is connected by a metro system as well.


By Road:

Kaohsiung is a major city and tourists can get number of buses from various parts of Taiwan to Kaohsiung City and major local transport includes taxis, cars, thumb and motorcycles.


Where to Stay in Kaohsiung City?

Kaohsiung City is a industrial city and there are number of tourist spots in the city and tourists can come across many of the lodging amenities obtainable in the city which offers all the contemporary amenities to customers and cost from $ 40 to $ 300 and above per night. Some of the renowned hotels in Kaohsiung City are listed below:

  • The Ambassador Hotel Kaohsiung
  • Grand Hi Lai Hotel
  • Merryseasons Motel
  • E-Da Skylark Hotel
  • Hotel Kingdom
  • Howard Plaza Hotel
  • Han Hsien International Hotel
  • Splendor Hotel Kaohsiung
  • Shihzuwan Hotel – Love River
  • Kung Shang Design Inn
  • The Lees Boutique Hotel
  • Chateau de Chine Kaohsiung
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