Tainan Tourist Places to Visit in Tainan, Taiwan, Asia

Tainan Tourist Places to Visit in Tainan, Taiwan, Asia

Tainan is a city in Tainan province in Taiwan under taken by the Republic of China. Tainan is located towards the south west part of Taiwan and covers an area of 2,191.955 Sq Kms and Tainan is home for several manufacturing industries and agriculture also plays a major role in the development of economy. There are several universities and educational institutions and health care facilities available in the city.

Tainan is bounded by Nanzi, Sanmin, Pingdong, Xizogang, Chiayi City, Puzi, Kaohsiung City and Qishan is situated at the distance of 300 Kms from the capital of Taiwan, Taipei and coordinates of Tainan is 22.9915° N, 120.1825° E.


Tourism in Tainan:

Tainan is known as the ancient capital of Taiwan and oldest city of Taiwan, which was established in the year 1661. Tainan swank a dazzling natural countryside is renowned for farming and fishery products and cuisine and it hosts the Taiwan International Orchid Show, which represents the spring season of Taiwan and it also organizes various other events every year.


Places to Visit in Tainan:

Eternal Golden Fortress:

This is one of the oldest forts in the city which was constructed in the 19th century is located in Anping District, at the distance of 25 Kms from Tainan city is a historical fort visited by number of tourists.


Anping Fort:

This fort is located in Anping district was constructed by Dutch in 17th century and they took nearly 10 years to complete the fort and named the fort as Fort Zeelandia and later it was renovated by Japanese who renamed as Anping Old Fort.


Chi Mei Museum:

This museum was established in the year 1990 and flaunts the art and culture of Taiwan and has various divisions like natural history, historic weapons and several others.


Other places to visit in Tainan:

  • Anping Tree House
  • Chihkan Towers
  • Confucius Temple
  • Southwest Coast National Scenic Area
  • Qigu Salt Mountains
  • Black-faced Spoonbill Reserve
  • Guantian Chestnut
  • Guanziling Hot Springs
  • Kailong Temple
  • Tainan Confucius Temple


Food and Culture in Tainan:

Tainan is famed as “the City of Snacks” and there are wide ranges of food joints and famed cuisines of Tainan are Coffin toast, Oyster Omelette, Rice Cake, Dan Zai Noodles and Elite Cake and many more. Tainan is known as the cultural city of Taiwan and there are various cultural sites within the city.


Best time to Visit Tainan:

Tainan is visited by number of tourists from various places and best time to visit Tainan is between the months of October to January.


How to Reach Tainan?

By Air:

Tainan is served by Tainan Airport which is located at the distance of 37 Kms from centre of the city and this airport operates domestic and international flights to Hong Kong, Kinmen and Makung cities in Taiwan and tourists can board bus or hire taxis to reach various destinations in Tainan.


By Train:

Tainan is served by Tainan Station and the major stop on the TRA Tainan Station Tainan city iswell connected by high speed trains to various cities in Taiwan.


By Road:

There is several transportation systems in the city and number of buses ply from various cities to Tainan city and other local transportation includes car, taxis and motorcycle.


Where to Stay in Tainan?

Tainan is major city in Tainan County and one of the most visited tourist attractions in Taiwan. There are number of hotels in the city which cost from $ 40 to $ 300 and above per night. Some of the major hotels in Tainan are listed here below:

  • Tayih Landis
  • The Hotel Dynasty
  • Wei-Yat Toong Mao Grand
  • Toongmao Spa Resort Guanziling
  • Evergreen Plaza Hotel Tainan
  • Queena Plaza Hotel
  • Tainan Good Ground Hotel
  • Fude Lime Hotel
  • Les Hotel Tainan
  • Hua Shin Hotel Tainan
  • Sunrise Hotel Tainan
  • Tainan First Hotel

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