Best Tourist Places to Visit in Pekanbaru, Indonesia, Asia

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Pekanbaru, Indonesia, Asia

Pekanbaru is a city and capital of Riau province in Indonesia situated on Sumatra Island. Pekanbaru covers an area of 632.26 sq Kms on the banks of River Siak. Economy of Pekanbaru depends on petroleum products and most of the Indonesian provinces completely depend on petroleum industry and Pekanbaru is one of the developing cities in Indonesia and there are various commercial and retail sectors established in the city.

Pekanbaru is surrounded by Sumatra, Bangkinang, Duri, Dumai, Tembilahan, Pedang Island, Rangsang, Island, Tebingbinggi Island, and Payakumbuh and it is located at the distance of 1,334 Kms from capital of Indonesia, Jakarta. Zip code of Pekanbaru is 28111 and coordinates are 0.5164° N, 101.4344° E.


History of Pekanbaru:

Pekanbaru was ruled by Sultan of Johor and in the year 1749, Sultan of Johor gave the territory to Dutch and in 19th century the city flourished in trade and petroleum products were exported to various countries. Between the years 1942 to 1945, during the World War II this city was captured by the Japan.


Tourism in Pekanbaru:

Pekanbaru is a city and there are only few places to visit in the city like museum, temples and parks. Various activities will be conducted in the city and there are various malls and night clubs in the city and tourists can buy various stuffs from these malls. There are plenty of food options in the city and tourists can select from various range of delicious cuisine.


Places to visit in Pekanbaru:

Sang Nila Utama Museum:

This is the only museum located in the city which showcases the various traditional, cultural and historical collections of Riau province. This museum is located in the city and visited by number of tourists from Indonesia and around the world.


An-Nur Mosque:

This is one of the prominent and sacred mosques in Pekanbaru city and it is the largest mosque in Riau Province and thousands of devotees visit this mosque throughout the year.


Lembah Sari Reservoir Park:

This park is renowned among the local tourists and number of visitors from neighboring towns and cities visit this park and it is crowded during public holidays and weekends in Indonesia.


Alam Mayang Park:

This is one of the famed parks among the tourists and tourists can enjoy fishing, outdoor activities and the picnic park in the region and visited by local tourists.

Other Places to Visit in Pekanbaru:

  • Labersa Water Par
  • Chinese-Malay Quarter
  • Soeman H.S. Regional Library
  • The Great Mosque of Pekanbaru
  • Idrus Tintin Arts Hall


Best time to visit Pekanbaru:

Pekanbaru experiences moderate climate throughout the year and best time to visit Pekanbaru is between the months of May to October.


How to Reach Pekanbaru?

By Air:

Pekanbaru is served by Sultan Syarif Kasim II International Airport, located at the distance of 10 Kms from centre of the city and it is one of the major airports in this island and operates domestic and international flights to various cities in Indonesia and other countries as well.


By Sea:

Several private and government companies operate ferry from various parts of Indonesia and other countries to Riau Island in frequent intervals.


By Road:

Pekanbaru is made available to travel with shared taxis, bus, ojek, and taxi frequently from Sumatra Island.


Hotels in Pekanbaru:

Pekanbaru is one of the major cities in Riau Province and there are plenty of accommodation facilities available at Pekanbaru and the hotels provides all the facilities customers and may cost from $ 15 to $ 100 and above per night. Some of the major hotels in Pekanbaru are listed below:

  • Hotel Aryaduta Pekanbaru
  • Labersa Grand Hotel & Convention Center
  • Grand Elite Hotel Pekanbaru
  • Hotel Mutiara Merdeka
  • Hotel Pangeran Pekanbaru
  • Aziza Hotel Pekanbaru
  • Sabrina Paninsula
  • Amaris Hotel Pekanbaru
  • Sabrina City Hotel
  • Grand Zuri Dumai
  • Drego Hotel
  • Angkasa Garden Hotel

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