Best Tourist Places to Visit in Bintan, Indonesia, Asia

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Bintan, Indonesia, Asia

Bintan is an island in Riau Archipelago in Indonesia and a division of Riau Island. Bintan Island occupies an area of 2,402 sq Kms and economy of Bintan depends on tourism and agriculture as tourists visit Singapore will visit Bintan Island.

Bintan is surrounded by Batam, Singapore, Rempang Island, Galang Island, Mantang Island, Telan Island, Kelong Island, and Poto Island and Bintan is situated at the distance of 945 Kms from Jakarta, capital of Indonesia. Zip code of Bintan is 29151 and coordinates are 1.0436° N 104.3001° E.


History of Bintan:

Bintan has rich history and was ruled by Malays, Bugis, Portuguese, the Dutch, the Arabs, and the British and British ruled this region for long period and strong history is associated with Bintan.


Tourism in Bintan:

Bintan has several tourist places to visit and famous for beaches, mountains, temples and historical places. Bintan has Small Mountain which is bound by dense flora and fauna, tourists can hire a boat to visit this place. In Bintan, tourists can enjoy the activities like Water Sports, Spa, Paintball, Mountain Biking, All-Terrain Vehicle, Go-Kart, Bintan Elephant Park, Traditional Fishing Tour and various other activities.


Places to visit in Bintan:


Mangrove Discovery:

Tourists can visit the forest region and can discover various kinds of flora and fauna of mangrove and tourists can visit this mangrove during nights as well.


Gunung Bintan Adventure Trek:

This is one of the adventures journey to the mountain of Gunung and tourists have to climb 340 meters High Mountain and this mount offers good view of the surrounds and flora and various animals.


Santa Maria Cave:

Santa Maria Cave is one of the renowned churches in Bintan was constructed in 18th century by a Dutch Pastor and it is visited by the locals for offering prayers on every Sunday.


Penyengat Island:

This island is located 5 Kms away from Tanjung Pinang and there is boat facility accessible to reach this island and this place has an old palace constructed during 18th century and one of the famous palaces in Bintan.


Things to do in Bintan:

  • Bintan Lagoon Resort Golf Club
  • Sawah Ladang Bintan
  • Penyenget
  • Chinese Temple
  • Angsana Spa Bintan
  • Banyan Tree Temple
  • Pasar Oleh Oleh
  • Helmet Shell


Best time to visit Bintan:

Bintan is surrounded by sea from all the side and weather is relevantly high and best time to visit Bintan is between the months of October to March.


How to Reach Bintan?

By Air:

Bintan is served by Raja Haji Fisabilillah Airport, located at the distance of 25 Kms from centre of the city and this airport connects to cities like Batam, Matak, Pekanbaru, Ranai, Melaka and Jakarta in Indonesia. Jakarta airport is the major airport in Indonesia.


By Sea:

Bintan is the major port of Riau Island and it receives domestic and few international ships and boats from Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia.


By Road:

After getting into the city there are various transport facilities to visit the city and tourists can select buses, minivan, car and taxis and scooters available for rent to visit around the city.


Hotels in Bintan:

Bintan is a part of Riau Island and surrounded by various tourists destinations. Hotels in Bintan may cost from $ 15 to $ 1,000 and above per night and offers world class facilities. Some of the major hotels in Bintan are listed below:

  • Banyan Tree Bintan
  • Indra Maya Pool Villas
  • Comfort Hotel & Resort
  • Pelangi Hotel & Resort
  • Putri Pandan Resort
  • Marjoly Beach Resort
  • Bintan Spa Villa Beach Resort & Spa
  • Serumpun Padi Mas Resort
  • Ocean Bay Resort
  • Bintan Lagoon Resort
  • Mayang Sari Beach Resort

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