Batam Tourist Places to Visit in Batam, Indonesia, Asia

Batam Tourist Places to Visit in Batam, Indonesia, Asia

Batam is a city in Riau Island is one of the most visited places in Indonesia, as it is a free trade zone in Indonesia. Major industries in Batam are Shipbuilding and electronics manufacturing and various other companies are also located in the city.

Batam is surrounded by Singapore, Malaysia, Dumai, Bintan Island, Jambi, Bulan Island, Sugi Island, Permping Island and Palembang and Batam is located at the distance of 1,165 Kms from capital city Jakarta and Singapore is located 68 Kms away. Zip code of Batam is 29435 and coordinates are 1.0667° N, 104.0167° E.

Tourism in Batam:

Batam is one of the busiest and developing cities in Indonesia surrounded by the water from all the sides. Batam offers various sports activities to tourists like water & sea sports activities, a fishing pond, go-kart racing track, a football field and beaches. Batam provides delicious cuisine to the visitors and cuisine in this region are mainly different kind of seafood and Batam houses shopping malls from where tourists can purchase various kinds of goods and getting into Batam is free and it is visa free.

Places to visit in Batam:


Nongsa is one of the resorts and golf course is situated along the Turi beach and there are various other interesting places in and around the Batam and this resort offers delicious sea food.



Nagoya is one of the busies market in Batam and thousands of the locals and tourists visit this place every day and there are shops, stalls, footstools, nightlife, discos, music lounges, karaoke, restaurants and several small hotels.



This is one of the major ports in Batam visited by number of tourists and this port is located in the center of the sea and it has been renovated and there are various sports activates carried out near this port.


Trikora Beach:

This is one of the most popular beaches in Batam visited by thousands of tourists from around the world. This beach is visited by the locals in the weekends.


Other places to visit in Batam:

  • Mesjid Rayan
  • Melur Beach
  • Nicer Beach
  • Maha Vihara Duta Maitreya
  • Buddhist Temple

Best time to visit Batam:

Batam is a province in Indonesia and best time to visit Batam is between the months of October to March.


How to Reach Batam?

By Air:

Batam is served by Hang Nadim International Airport, located at the distance of 18 Kms from center of the city and this airport connects to cities like Tembilahan, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Natuna, Palembang, and few other cities in Indonesia.


By Sea:

There are various ports in Batam province and it receives the ferry from various parts of Indonesia country and neighboring countries as well and it is visa free and visa will be made on the ports.


By Road:

Batam has well developed road and in the city tourists can hire taxis to visit the places and there are bus facilities as well.


Hotels in Batam:

Batam is one of the busiest and major tourism hubs in Indonesia and hotels in Batam provides all the western facilities to the tourists and hotels in Batam may cost from $ 11 to $ 450 and above per night. Some of the major hotels in Batam are listed here below:

  • Harris Hotel Batam Center
  • Nongsa Point Marina & Resort
  • Goodway Hotel
  • Harris Resort Batam
  • The BCC Hotel & Residence
  • Swiss-Belinn Batam
  • Batam Centre Hotel
  • Turi Beach Resort
  • Triniti Hotel Batam
  • Harbourbay Amir Hotel
  • Panorama Regency
  • Harmoni Hotel

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