Places to Visit in Kagoshima, Japan, Asia

Places to Visit in Kagoshima, Japan, Asia

Kagoshima is located in Kyoshu Province at the tip of southwest of the island covering a total area of 547.05 sq kms bound by Pacific Ocean and Sea of Japan. The city is turning out to be one of the fastest developing cities in Japan residentially and commercially with presence of many malls, restaurants, bars and entertainment hubs. It is also well known for good infrastructure facilities, mass rapid transportation facilities, reputed universities, advanced medical centers and hospitals. Kagoshima coordinates with 31.36’ degree North Latitude and 130.33’ degree East Longitude.


Kagoshima History:

Kagoshima was ruled by Shimazu clans of samurai for many years until it turned out to be one of the busy commercial port cities in recent times. Kagoshima was also under the control of Edo Period between 1603 A.D. to 1867 A.D. Kagoshima came under severe military British Navy attack in 1863 as it refused to pay the compensation. Kagoshima is also the birth place of Togo Heihachiro and officially speaking the city was founded in the year 1889.


Places of interest in Kagoshima:

Ishibashi Park:

This is one of the prime tourist attractions in Kagoshima which is famous for its five stone bridges of which two were destroyed in floods and remaining three were renovated, restored and shifted to a new location. The Park draws many domestic as well as international tourists from all corners of the country.


Kagoshima Aquarium:

Another major tourist site of attraction is the Kagoshima Aquarium which has a large collection of many aquatic fishes and creatures which are kept for public display which in turn attract many foreign tourists all the year round.


Kagoshima Botanical Garden:

Kagoshima Botanical Garden was opened in the year 1971 which has many tropical trees from all parts of the world that includes palms, dates, orchids and cactus. It is kept open daily for public and attracts lots of local as well as international visitors.


Museum of the Meiji Restoration:

The museum is one of the star attractions in city of Kagoshima where the tourists can learn and get to know more information about Meiji Restoration. The museum consists of twin floors where the first floor displays the people, things, artifacts and happenings belonging to Satsuma Province and the basement hall display a three dimensional experience using sound, light and robots. Many visitors come to the museum to feel the 3D experience of the Meiji Restoration.


Other attractions include:

  • Sakurajima are known for active volcanic mountains located near Kagoshima.
  • Senganen Garden
  • Sakura Jima Ferry
  • Mount Shiroyama is well known for active volcanic mountains that erupts hot molten lava.
  • Sakurajima Nagisa Foot Bath Park
  • Shoko Shuseikan known for historical museum depicting Japanese art, culture, people and tradition.
  • Siroyama Observatory tower provides the tourist with good panoramic view of the city of Kagoshima which is truly a magnificent sight.
  • Nagashima Museum
  • Hirakawa Zoological Park
  • Kagoshima City Museum of Art
  • Saigo Takamori Statue
  • Sakurajima Nature Dinosaur Park
  • Kinko Bay
  • Reimeikan is located in Kagoshima famous for ancient historic museums.
  • Tagayama Park
  • Saigo Cave
  • Iso Beach
  • Nanshu Shrine
  • Kakure Amida Budda Cave


Festivals, shopping and cuisines in Kagoshima:

Kagoshima is very famous for Ohara dancing festival that takes place during month of November which attracts many locals as well as foreign tourists. Kagoshima is also well renowned for its shopping areas like Tenmonkan which are known for exclusive malls selling garments, electrical, electronics and consumer durables which draws many visitors from all parts of the country. Tourists can also taste some of the famous Japanese cuisines and menus like rice items, noodles and soups. They can also try with varieties of sea foods like sushi, praws, lobsters, eels, tuna, mackerel and octopus and shark meat.


Connectivity to Kagoshima in Japan:

Kagoshima is well developed as far the infrastructure is concerned as it has excellent connectivity to major cities like Shinkansen, Chou, Korimoto and Ibusuki. Kagoshima is well linked by highways such as National Route 3, 10, 58, 224, 225 and Kyushu-Kagoshima Expressway. Many intercity bus and train services are available within the city limits that are fast and frequent modes of public transport. Tourists can also take the sea way from Kagoshima via ships, ferry, liners and cruise ships to reach major ports located in Japan. Kagoshima Airport is located about 35 kms northeast of Kagoshima city which has direct flight connections to major cities like Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and Nagasaki besides providing services to other worldwide destinations.


Hotels in Kagoshima:

Kagoshima has some of the best hotels in Japan providing hi-tech and world class accommodation facilities to the tourists coming to the city. The hotels have all the latest facilities and amenities that includes swimming pools, spa, sauna, hot spring baths, room heaters, air coolers, doctors on call, massages and therapies, rooms decorated with Japanese culture and paintings, airport shuffle, 24 hrs help desk center and host of other services. List of some of the hotels located in Kagoshima are:

  • Hotel Richmond
  • Hotel Dormy Inn
  • Shiroyama Kanko Hotel
  • Hotel Remm Kagoshima
  • Slaria Nishitetsu hotel Kagoshima
  • Hotel Silk Inn
  • Hotel Sun Days Inn
  • Hotel Chisun Inn
  • Hotel Sunflex
  • Hotel Hokke Club Kagoshima
  • Hotel Marine Palace

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