Best Tourist Places to Visit in Prome, Myanmar, Asia

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Prome, Myanmar, Asia

Pyay is a town situated in the center of the country, Myanmar in the Bago Region under Pyay District. Pyay is the capital of Pyay District and other name for Pyay is Prome. Pyay is sited at a distance of 246 km from the capital city, Naypyidaw and northwest of Yangon at 261 km. The Ayeyarwady River flows through the town Pyay and economy of the town depends on educational institutions located in the city. The geographical coordinates puts the place at 18049’ N and 95013’ E.


Climate in Pyay:

During summer season the average temperature is 350C and in winter temperature drops to 110C, as it has tropical savanna climate and climate is warm throughout the year.


History of Pyay:

As per historians, during the reign of Vikrama of the Pyu dynasty, Sri Ksetra formed the capital city of the dynasties kingdom. Trade prospered in the region. As the time passed, the region experienced flood like situation causing the Pyu Kingdom to shift towards the northern parts of Myanmar. There are some scriptures dating to the year 1057, mentioning about King Anawratha invading the south Myanmar. In the year 1853, the second Anglo-Burman war was took place between the British and the then ruler of Pyay and the British emerged victorious. At the time of Second World War, the Japanese forces invaded the region. After the end of the Second World War the British regained control of Pyay and restoration work began. The year 1948, marked the beginning of Myanmar’s Independence and end of the British rule in the country.


Tourist Places in Pyay:  

Shwesandaw Pagoda:

Shwesandaw Pagoda is one of the famed and sacred pagodas in Pyay is located on the eastern bank of Irrawaddy River is visited by thousands of tourists throughout the year.


Bawbawgyi Paya and Bebe Paya:

This Paya’s are one of the oldest payas in the region which is situated outside of the city walls and devoted to Lord Buddha.


Shwemyethman Paya:

This is one of the unique temples in the region where Lord Buddha wears the Golden spectacles and it is believed that this image can cure illnesses especially for eyes.


Other Places to visit in Pyay:

  • Shwethalyaung Buddha
  • Akauktaung Mountain
  • Paung Te
  • Kyaik Pun Paya
  • Mya Tha Lyaung Reclining Buddha
  • Kambazathadi Golden Palace
  • Kyaly Khat Wai Monastery


Means of Commutation to Pyay:

Pyay is well connected via airways to places across the globe and Pyay Airport is located at the distance of 5 kms from the city center. The Pyay Airport in Pyay District caters to flights arriving and departing to and fro places such as Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan, Heho and Tachilek.

Pyay is well connected via roadways to places within the country. There are Buses available to places within Shan state, Kachin state. Inter city transportation is facilitated by Buses, Cycle Rickshaws, Horse Carriage, Ferry and Taxis.

Pyay has many railway stations which operates regular train services to various parts of the country.


Accommodation Options at Pyay:

Pyay hosts numerous budgets, standard and deluxe hotels and resorts completely designed for comfort of the guests. The hotels are arid with natural lightening and beautiful ethnical adornment in each and every chamber. The facilities offered by the hotels include bar, room heaters, spa and so on. Some of the hotels in Pyay are listed below:

  • Lucky Dragon
  • Pyay Hotels
  • Han Thar Gardens
  • Mya Nanda Hotel
  • Jade Garden Hotel
  • Emperor Hotel
  • Shwe Wah Tun Hotel
  • San Francisco Motel
  • Bago Star Hotel
  • Hotel Amazing Kaytu

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