Sittwe Tourist Places to Visit in Sittwe, Myanmar, Asia

Sittwe Tourist Places to Visit in Sittwe, Myanmar, Asia

Sittwe is situated towards the west of Myanmar in Rakhine State under Sittwe District. Sittwe is the center of administration of Rakhine State. Three rivers meet at Sittwe before flowing into Bay of Bengal. Sittwe is at a distance of 680 km from the capital city Naypyidaw is one of the major tourism spots in the country and houses major port. The geographical coordinates puts the place at 20009’ N and 92054’ E.


Climate in Sittwe:

Sittwe has tropical monsoon climate and remains humid throughout the year and during summer season the average temperature is 340C and in winter temperature drops to 140C.


History of Sittwe:

As per the historians, the place was a village consisting mainly of fisherman. After the arrival of the British power, the place became an important seaport in the maritime history of Myanmar.

The Burmese King, Bodawpaya in the year 1784 led an army of 30,000 men to conquer the Arakanese Kingdom. War was waged on land and at sea and the Burmese forces became victorious thereby ending the rule of the Arakanese in the region. In the year 1826, Sittwe was an important place during the First Anglo-Burmese war. During the Second World War the Japanese forces invaded into Myanmar. After the end of the Second World War the British regained control of the country and restoration work was on. The year 1948 marked the beginning of an independent Myanmar country and the end of the British rule in the country.


Tourist Places in Sittwe:

Maka Kuthala Kyaungdawgyi:

Maka Kuthala Kyaungdawgyi is oldest museum in the city which showcases the mixture of colonial era and Buddhist artifacts, is visited by thousands of tourists.   


Point (Viewpoint)

From this viewpoint one can have a picturesque view of the surrounding scenic beauty.


Shwe Zedi Kyaung Monastery

This is a 100 year old Buddhist Monastery dedicated to a political monk of the country.


Pyay-Lone-Chan-Thar Pharagri

This place is dedicated to the Buddhist monks is close to Shwe Zedi Kyaung monastery.



Regarded as one of the most prestigious Buddhist pagodas in the country, it was built during the period of Emperor Ashoka from 269 – 232 B.C.


Rakhine State Cultural Museum

Museum displays various ancient artifacts and other historical evidences pertaining to the bygone eras of the region.


Means of Commutation to Sittwe:

Sittwe is well connected via airways to places within Myanmar. The Sittwe Airport at Sittwe caters to arrival and departure of daily flights to and fro places like Rangoon, Sittwe and Mandalay.

Sittwe has a well connected network of roads to places within Myanmar. There are 3 state highways whose routes connect to places such as Ann, Toungup, Gwa, Pamtaung, Ngathaingchaung and Munbra.

Inter city transportation is facilitated by Buses, Cycle Rickshaws, Horse carriage, Ferry and Taxis.

There are also long distance Ferry services such as cruises commuting passengers from Sittwe to places within the following districts: Manaung, Maungdaw District, Thandwe District and Kyaukpyu District.


Accommodation Options at Sittwe:

Sittwe is situated on the Coast of Bay of Bengal is one of the major tourism spots in the country and there are plenty of accommodation facilities in and around Sittwe which offers world class facilities like spa, TV, Wifi, free internet access, bar, hot water, breakfast and many more which cost from $ 250 to $ 300 and above per day. Some of the hotels in and around Sittwe are listed here below:


  • Aureum Resort & Spa – Nqwe Saung
  • Diamond Ngapali Hotel
  • Pleasant View Resort
  • Royal Beach Motel
  • Bayview – The Beach Resort
  • Silver Beach Hotel
  • Memento Resort
  • Arakan Land Resort
  • Sandoway Resort
  • Yoma Cherry Lodge

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