Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Mary, Turkmenistan, Asia

Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Mary, Turkmenistan, Asia

Mary is located on the Asian continent in central Asia in the southeast part of the country of Turkmenistan. Merv is located at a distance of 460 km from Ashgabat. The geographical coordinates places Mary at 37039’46” N and 62011’33” E. The climate condition of Mary is similar to that of the desert. In the day time the temperatures are high and in the night temperatures are low. During summer season the average temperature is 360C and in winter temperature drops to 280C. The currency of Merv is known as Turkmen New Manat (TMT). Merv is at a distance of 568 Km from the capital city, Asgarhat.

History of Mary

According to historians, the place Mary happened to be the most important place in the country of Turkmenistan. This was once the most famous Silk Road during ancient times. During the 12th century, the region witnessed a lot of developments taking place. From the period 632 to 651, this region was ruled by Arab. During the year 1037, the region bared witnessed to the settlements of the Turks. The Mongols later invaded the region in the year 1221, committing atrocities and ravaging the entire region.

During the year 1823, the region was ruled by Khanate of Khiva. The Russians invaded the region in the year 1884 and conquered the entire region.


People & Culture of Mary

The people of Mary are known as Turkmen. Languages spoken by the people of Mary are Turkmen, Uzbek and Russian. However, Turkmen is the official language of the country.


Food and Shopping at Mary

Both continental and non-continental, be it vegetarian or non-vegetarian, cuisines are available throughout Mary. Polv is the staple food in Turkmenistan.


Tourist Places in Mary  

  • Ancient Merv
  • National History and Ethnology Museum
  • Kuh-e Sangi at Mashhad
  • Carpet Museum at Mashhad
  • Holy Shrine of Imam Reza (Haram-e Razavi) at Mashhad
  • Main Museum at Mashhad

Means of Commutation to Mary

Mary is well accessed via airways throughout the world. The Turkmenabat Airport caters to flights arriving and departing to or from Ashgabat international airport.

Mary is also well connected via roadways to places within the country, Turkmenistan. There are roads linking Mary province to Turkmenabat from where M37 highway connects Mary Province to Ashgabat city and Turkmen port city.


Accommodation Options at Mary

There are a few hotels with wonderful interiors and decors in and around Mary. Some of the names of these hotels are mentioned below:

  • Casa da Arvore
  • Shahadab Hotel
  • Uzboy Hotel
  • Best Eastern Albion
  • Chagala Hotel
  • Renaissance Aktau
  • Samal Hotel
  • Ramada Tashkent
  • InterContinental Tashkent
  • Canvas Hotel Shymkent
  • Miran International Hotel

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