Dasoguz Tourist Places to Visit in Dasoguz, Turkmenistan, Asia

Dasoguz Tourist Places to Visit in Dasoguz, Turkmenistan, Asia

Dasoguz is located on the Asian continent in central Asia in the northern part of Turkmenistan. Dasoguz also mentioned as Dashoguz, when translated to English means “Stone Spring”. Dasoguz city is located in Dasoguz province. Dasoguz has an elevation of 88 meters. Dasoguz is located at a distance of 460 km from Ashgabat and 77 km from Nukus which is in Uzbekistan. The geographical coordinates puts Dasoguz at 410 50’ N and 59058’ E. The climate condition of Dasoguz is similar to that of the desert. In the day time the temperatures are high and in the night temperatures are low. During summer season the average temperature is 360C and in winter temperature drops to 280C. The currency of Dasoguz is known as Turkmen New Manat (TMT). Dasoguz is at a distance of 568 Km.


People & Culture of Dasoguz  

The people of Dasoguz are known as Turkmen. Languages spoken by the people of Daoguz are Turkmen, Uzbek and Russian. However, Turkmen is the official language of the country. Majority of the population of Turkmenistan, worship Islam, while a small part of the population regarded as the minority group worship Christianity.

Agriculture is the main occupation of this region.


Food and Shopping at Dasoguz

Both continental and non-continental, be it vegetarian or non-vegetarian, cuisines are available throughout Dasoguz. Polv is the staple food in Turkmenistan.


Tourist Places in Dasoguz  

  • Kunya-Urgench
  • Dashoguz Mosque
  • New Central
  • Dashoguz Museum
  • Dashoguz’s Ruyhhet


Means of Commutation to Dasoguz

Dasoguz Airport is at a distance of 15 km towards the southwest of Dasoguz. This airport caters to domestic flights commuting people to places within Turkmenistan country like Ashgabat, Turkmenbashy, Balkanabat, Turkmenabat and Mary.

Inter city transportation is facilitated by the trolleybus system and taxis.

One can travel on a boat from Dasoguz to places situated closed to the River Amu Darya in Turkmenistan.


Accommodation Options at Dasoguz

Hotels in Dasouz caters with latest facilities and offers excellent hospitality to the guests with utmost care and few of the reputed hotels in Dasouz is as follows:

  • Shahadab Hotel
  • Uzboy Hotel
  • Best Eastern Albion
  • Chagala Hotel
  • Renaissance Aktau
  • Samal Hotel
  • Ramada Tashkent
  • InterContinental Tashkent
  • Canvas Hotel Shymkent
  • Miran International Hotel

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