Tourist Places to Visit in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, Asia

Tourist Places to Visit in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, Asia

Ulaanbaatar also known as Ulan Bator is the capital city of Mongolia, geographically positioned 47°55′12″ N 106°55′12″ E. It is the commercial, cultural and educational centre of the country and was found in the year 1639. As of 2012 census data, Ulaanbaatar has a population of 1,721,000.


Geography and Climate of Ulaanbaatar:

Ulaanbaatar is positioned at an altitude of 1,310 meters and has a total area of 4,704.4 sq. km. It features a cold semi-arid climate and is considered as the coldest country capital in the globe.


Economy of Ulaanbaatar:

Ulaanbaatar is referred as the industrial head of Mongolia and houses numerous large mines and the agro product industries. Copper, coal, molybdenum, tin and gold and tungsten are the rich mineral resources found in Ulaanbaatar.


History of Ulaanbaatar:

Prior to the Mongolia independence, Ulaanbaatar was called by different names like Ikh Khuree and Daa Khuree and later it was renamed as Ulan Bator in the year 1924.


Landmarks in Ulaanbaatar:

  • Tsogchin Dugan Temple
  • Erdem Itgemjit Temple
  • Holy Trinity Church
  • Winter Palace
  • Gandan Monastery
  • Opera House


Transportation in Ulaanbaatar:

Ulaanbaatar houses the Buyant Uhaa International Airport, the only international airport of Mongolia with direct flights to China, Japan, Russia, Germany, Turkey, Kyrgyzstan and Japan is located 20 kms from the city centre.

Ulaanbaatar is the heart of Mongolia’s highway system and is connected with all the major cities of the country and the bordering cities of Russia and China through roadways.

The railway network of Ulaanbaatar is equally good and is connected with only selected regions of the Mongolia, Russia and China. One can choose private buses or Taxis to travel within the city.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Ulaanbaatar:

Most of the people residing in Ulaanbaatar are Buddhist ethnic groups of Tuvans, Oirats and Buryats and few Christian and Muslim communities. Mongolian is the national language as well as a widely spoken language all over the country including Ulaanbaatar. Other languages communicated by the natives of Ulaanbaatar include Buryat, Mongolic, Kazakh Tuvan and Oirat languages.

Garuda is the official symbol of Ulaanbaatar and Naadam Festival is celebrated annually from July 11 to July 13 at National Sports Stadium, combined with horse-racing, wrestling competition and archery as well.

The hotels and the restaurants of Ulaanbaatar offer the dish of Mongolian, Asian and Western. Turning Point Cafe serves customers with international cuisine, variety of alcoholic beverages and melodious music. The list of budgeted, mid range and splurge food corners in Ulan Bator are as follows:

  • Papa Cafe
  • Ba Shu 888
  • American Ger’ll
  • El Latino Restaurant
  • Millie’s Espresso
  • Los Bandidos
  • Sakura Restaurant


All the major shopping centres of Ulan Bator offer traditional clothes, jewelry, wall hangings, cashmere garments and boots as well. The best shops in Ulan Bator include State Department Store and The Naran Tuul.


Must see in Ulaanbaatar:


Bogd Kahn Museum:

Bogd Kahn Museum is placed in the centre of Ulan Bator City was built during 1893 -1903. The entrance fee is T2500 per head.


Opera House:

Opera House is a beautifully constructed temple located in the heart of the city, organizes musical competitions and shows.


Zaisan Memorial:

Zaisan Memorial was constructed in the reminiscence of brave soldiers who died in World War II.


Choijin Lama Monastery:

Choijin Lama Monastery has important information about Mongolian history and is open for visitors from morning 10 AM to evening 5 PM.


National Sport Stadium:

National Sport Stadium is the major sport stadium of the country located in Ulan Bator City. Every year July Naadam festival is organized in this venue.


The list of other tourist attractions in Ulaanbaatar is:

  • Gandan Monastery
  • Artificial Lake Castle
  • Sukhbaatar Square
  • Mongolian Theatre Museum
  • The National Museum of Mongolia
  • Holy Trinity Church
  • Temple of the Choijin Lama
  • West Geser Temple
  • Tsogchin Dugan Temple
  • Vajradhara Temple
  • Erdem Itgemjit Temple
  • Dambadarjaalin Monaster


Ideal time to visit Ulaanbaatar:

From May to October is the beast time to travel Ulan Bator.


Accommodation Options in Ulaanbaatar:

Ulan Bator is the capital city of country houses numerous international hotels with facilities like Parking place, Restaurant, Hot water boiler system, air ticket booking and pick up and drop facility to airport. The list of best hotels in Ulan Bator is as follows:

  • Lotus Guesthouse
  • Chinggis Guest House
  • Green Steppe Mongolia Guest House
  • Idre’s Guesthouse
  • HS Khaan Resort Hotel
  • Happy Camel Guesthouse
  • Mandukhai Hotel
  • Oasis Guesthouse
  • Sunpath Hostel
  • Red Rose Hotel
  • EPOS Hotel
  • Voyage Hotel
  • The Kempinski Hotel
  • The Chinggis Khaan Hotel
  • The Bayangol Hotel

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