Places to Visit in Yevlakh, Azerbaijan, Asia

Places to Visit in Yevlakh, Azerbaijan, Asia

Yevlakh is a city situated in Azerbaijan, about 270 kms west of national capital Baku. It is one of the commercial hubs of the country known for cattle breeding and cotton growing sectors.

Potato, vegetables, water-melon and fruits are the vegetables and fruits grown by the farmers of Yevlakh. The natural resources like gravel deposits and clay mixture sand deposits are largely found in Yevlakh.


Geography of Yevlakh:

Yevlakh is sited between latitude 40°37′02″ in the north and longitude 47°09′00″ in the east, 17 meters above the mean level of sea and is spread over an area of 95 sq. km.


Etymology and History of Yevlakh:

The name Yevlakh is derived from Old Turkic language and its literal meaning is ‘swampy place.’

Yevlakh was the hometown of Russian Orthodox theologian and philosopher Pavel Florensky.


Connectivity to Yevlakh:

Yevlakh has an airport located 7 kms from the heart of the city and the nearest international airport to Yevlakh is Ganja International Airport located at a distance of 90 kms.

The railway station in Yevlakh is located within the city, well connected with Ganja, Shamkir, Agjabadi and Baku regions.

Yevlakh City Central Bus Station is the most important bus station of Yevlakh, where many buses arrives and departs towards major cities of Azerbaijan. Tourists can hire Taxis or Minivans for local travel.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Yevlakh:

The culture of Yevlakh is influenced by both Islamic and European cultures. Mugam is a classical music of Azerbaijan and it has a strong popularity all around the country including Yevlakh. The natives celebrate festivals like Ramazan Bayrami, Gurban Bayrami and Ramadan with great fervor.

Pomegranate fruit is very famous among the natives of Yevlakh. The city of Yevlakh is famous for hotels of both vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes and the hotels cater customers with foreign food along with traditional ones.

Yevlakh is packed with numerous modern shopping centres, archeological item shops, electrical and electronic and mobile recharge shops as well.


Places to see near Yevlakh:

Nizami Tomb:

Nizami Tomb was constructed in the honor of one of the renowned Persian poet, is located about 70 kms from Yevlakh city.


Shamkir Church:

Shamkir Church was built by German settlers during the beginning of 20th century.


Javad khan Tomb:

Javad Khan Tomb was built in the honor of famous person Javad Khan.


Shamkir Bridge:

Shamkir Bridge is located in Shamkir, about 110 km from Yevlakh.


Shamkir Fortress:

Shamkir Fortress is a historical palace sited in the city of Shamkir.


Other tourist attractions near Yevlakh are:

  • Shah Abbas Mosque
  • Bottle House
  • Victory Complex
  • Qalaboynu Fortress
  • Koroglu fortress
  • Pir monument
  • Maiden Tower
  • The Diyarshunasliq Museum
  • Central Museum
  • Azeri National Costume Museum
  • Taghiyev History Museum
  • Home of Jafar Jabbarli


Best time to visit Yevlakh:

From May to September is the ideal time to visit Yevlakh.


Accommodation Options near Yevlakh:

Rooms and food rates at the hotels in Yevlakh are similar to other regions of Azerbaijan. The facilities available in the hotels of Yevlakh include AC, fridge, satellite TV, internet access, Wi-Fi in all guest rooms, free airport shuttle, 24 hour room service, workout room, open parking facilities and 24 hour security. The hotels in Yevlakh and its nearby regions are as follows:

  • Kur Hotel
  • Chinar Hotel & Spa
  • Ramada Plaza Gence
  • Ganja Hotel
  • Afra Hotel
  • Gafgaz Sport Hotel
  • My Way Hotel
  • Hotel Artsvaberd
  • Helenendorf Hotel
  • Gabala City Hotel
  • Hotel Avetis
  • Hotel Armenia
  • Hotel Heghnar
  • Hotel Europe

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