Places to Visit in Sam Neua, Laos, Asia

Places to Visit in Sam Neua, Laos, Asia

Sam Neua also spelled as Xam Neua is the capital city of Houaphan Province in Northeast Laos, situated about 631 kms northeast of national capital Vientiane and is located between 20.4133° north latitude and 104.0481° east longitude. The adjoining regions of Sam Neua include Muong U, Houamuang, Chomsan, Muang Pan, Muang Hom, Muang Peu, Muang Xon, Ban Muang-Et, Ban Nampang and Muong Vene.

Sam Neua is home to few educational institutions and health centres with poor road infrastructure. The tourist attractions located near Sam Neua include Hintang Archaeological Park, Pathet Lao Caves and Namnoua waterfall.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Sam Neua:

More than 95% of Sam Neua citizens are Buddhists and less percentage of Christians and Hindus are also inhabited in Sam Neua. The population includes the people from Lao, Vietnamese, Hmong, Tai Dam, Tai Daeng and Tai Lu. The natives speak Lao, Vietnamese and Hmong along with French.

Sam Neua houses plenty of food corners serving Laos, Chinese and Vietnamese style. Dan Nao Meuang Xam Restaurant is the well known food centre just away from Boun Home Guesthouse. Tourists can get noodles soup, fried rice for 12,000 kip and French Fries for 20,000 kip. All the restaurants are open till 9 PM only.

One can pick colorful handicrafts in Sam Neua City in day times only and the city hosts several modern cloth centres and shopping malls other than handicraft shops. The products like cloth and footwear are available at affordable cost compared to other regions of the province in Sam Neua. The major banks of Sam Neua offer currency exchange service for tourists.


Connectivity to Sam Neua:

Sam Neua has one airport named as Nathong Airport well connected with national capital Vientiane. Other nearest airports accessible to Sam Neua are Oudomxay Airport and Houeisay Airport.

There are daily buses accessible from Sam Neua to Phonsavan (8 hour) and Luang Prabang (15 hour) at a cost of 130,000 kip. Other than buses, Taxis and Jeeps are also available to travel in Sam Neua.


Places to see in Sam Neua:


Viengxay Caves:

Viengxay Caves are very famous caves located in Houaphanh Province. It witnessed Second Indochina War and houses a hospital, a school, Pathet Lao offices, bakeries, shops, and a theatre. Viengxay Cave is one of the must visit tourist destination in Laos.


Wat Pho Xai:

Wat Pho Xai is the important landmark and the major tourist destination of Sam Neua. It is surrounded by several hotels and other tourist destinations as well.


Nameuang Hot Springs:

Nameuang Hot Springs is situated near the valley of paddy fields located in the vicinity Houaiyad waterfall.


Hintang Archaeological Park:

Hintang Archaeological Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is considered as one of the major historical sites of northern Laos.


The list of other tourist attractions near Sam Neua is as follows:

  • Ban Tham Buddha Cave
  • Tat Saloei Waterfall
  • Xanglot Cave
  • Prince Souphanouvong’s Cave


Best time to visit Sam Neua:

From November to February is the ideal time to holiday Sam Neua.


Accommodation Options in Sam Neua:

Most of the hotels located at Sam Neua offers internet connectivity, hot water bath facility and host of other facilities. The prominent budgeted guest houses and luxury hotels in and around Sam Neua are:

  • Long Ma Guesthouse
  • Shuliy Guesthouse
  • Bounhome Guesthouse
  • Sam Neua Hotel
  • Viengxai Hotel
  • Mai Chau Lodge
  • Ha Noi hotel
  • Huong Sen Yen Chau Trading Hotels Corporation
  • Sao Xanh Hotel
  • Nam La Hotel

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