Best Tourist Places to Visit in Muang Xai, Laos, Asia

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Muang Xai, Laos, Asia

Muang Xai also known as Oudomxai is the capital city of Oudomxai Province in northwestern Laos placed on the Nam Ko River Basin at the coordinates 20°42′ N 101°49′ E. Muang Xay is the largest city in Northern Laos situated about 532 kms from the national capital Vientiane.

Muang Xai province ‘Oudomxai’ occupies an area of 15,370 sq. km. and is bordered by Phongsali Province in the northeast, China on the north, Luang Prabang Province towards east and southeast, Xaignabouli Province on the south and Bokeo Province in the west.

Muang Xai has rich mineral resources of bronze, zinc, antimony, brown coal, kaolin and iron. The higher majority of Muang Xai farmers grow agricultural products like corn, soybeans, fruits, vegetables, cassava, sugarcane, tobacco and tea, apart from the rice.


History of Muang Xai:

Earlier, Muang Xai was known as Takka Sil and formed as a capital of Oudomxay Province in the year 1987 instead of Ban Nahin.


Culture, shopping and food in Muang Xai:

Muang Xai hosts one famous handicraft shop with products of traditional fabrics, bags and clothes situated opposite of the Airport Street. Luxay Market is the popular shop, One can pick products from daily usable to branded cloths and shoes here. The Baci festival is one of the famous festivals among the regions of Muang Xai celebrated with great fervor by the natives.

Chinese Market located beside Luxay Market and it has a variety of specialties of Chinese clothes and food. Tin market, Nonmengda Market and Phoukhaiw Market are the three markets of Muang Xai.

The famous restaurant of Muang Xai ‘Souphailin’s Restaurant’ serves tourists with delicious food from European and Chinese at low price. Siso Bakery is placed on the opposite of bus station provides homemade breads and excellent quality sandwiches. Tourists can reach Muang Neua Restaurant in the heart of Muang Xai Town for international dishes and cocktails.


How to reach Muang Xai?

National Road 1 is the most important highway passing through Muang Xai connects it with one of the major cities of the country Luang Prabang. There are daily bus services accessible to Vientiane, Phongsali, Pak Beng, Muang Khua and Bokeo from the town of Muang Xai. Muang Xai has its own airport with weekly three time services to national capital Vientiane.


Places to see in Muang Xai:

Chom Ong Cave:

Chom Ong Cave is the biggest cave in northern Laos situated about 44 kms from Muang Xai City centre. It is located at a height of 50 meters and is visited by more than lakhs of tourists from the different regions of country and foreign as well. Monsoon season is not a good time to visit cave.


Saymoungkhoune Rattana Stupa:

It is believed that, Saymoungkhoune Rattana Stupa is more than 400 year old and this major holy place of Theravada Buddhists located in Muang La Village.


The list of other tourist attractions located near Muang Xai is as follows:

  • Tad Sae Waterfalls
  • Vipassana Temple and Park
  • Bear Rescue Centre
  • Phou Si
  • Tad Thong Waterfall and Nature Trail
  • Vat Xieng Toung
  • The Kuang Si Falls


Best time to visit Muang Xai:

From October to March is the ideal time to visit Muang Xai to trip the historical places and Buddhist worship centres.


Accommodation Options in Muang Xai:

The prominent hotels and guest houses located in Muang Xai town are listed below:

  • Vila Keo Seum Sack
  • Vivanh Guesthouse
  • Lithavixay Guesthouse
  • Surinphone Hotel Oudomxay
  • Phanmixay Guesthouse
  • Vilavong Guest House
  • Chraming Lao Hotel
  • Dokchampa Hotel
  • Namtha River Side Guest House
  • Royal Hotel
  • Udomsin Hotel

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