Top Tourist Places to Visit in Viengxay, Laos, Asia

Top Tourist Places to Visit in Viengxay, Laos, Asia

Viengxay is a traditional town situated in Houaphanh Province of North-Eastern Laos, located about 29 km east of province capital Sam Neua and about 658 kms northeast of national capital Vientiane. Viengxay is well known for its top tourist destinations like Viengxay Caves, Phou Pha Thi Mountain and Nam Et National Biodiversity Conservation Area.


History of Viengxay:

Laos was caught up in the conflict between Vietnam and US and during that time, to survive from regular bomb blast by US armies, about 20,000 people built caves by gathering together. Almost nine years people were resided in the caves and surrounding jungle.


Economy of Viengxay:

Viengxay is known for its 2 bamboo processing factories which exports fences, chopsticks and toothpicks to Vietnam. Agriculture playing major role in the economy of Viengxay and corn, sesame, soybean and rice are the main agricultural crops grown by the natives.


Food, Culture and Shopping in Viengxay:

Viengxay is populated with greater majority of Buddhist citizens. The people have a very cool and calm nature and great interest in celebrating religious festivals. Most of the houses of Viengxay built with full of strong wooden materials.

The hotels of Viengxay serve tourist with Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese along with local flavor dishes. The spicy food made by bamboo shoots and steamed vegetables are the favorites among the locals of Viengxay and the special food of Viengxay include deep fried caterpillars, crickets and steamed wasp pupa. Don’t forget to taste very famous Beer Lao in Viengxay.

Viengxay has no banks or ATMs, due to this reason before go to Viengxay, tourists must withdraw money from the ATMs of Sam Neua if necessary. One can buy products like drinks, fruits, snacks, phone cards and clothes at the daily market of Viengxay.


Connectivity to Viengxay:

The locals of Viengxay are highly dependable on the bus mode of transport. A passenger vehicle Songthaew plying frequently between Viengxay and Sam Neua and it takes nearly 1 hour to reach. One can hire a bicycle to move within the city at Viengxay cave visitor centre. It costs 20,000 kip per day for standard bicycle and 30,000 kip per day for mountain bike.

Viengxay is placed about 25 kms from its nearest airport ‘Nathong Airport’ Sam Neua. Other closest airports to Viengxay include Oudomxay Airport and Houeisay Airport.


Places to see in Viengxay:


Viengxay Cave:

Viengxay Cave is one of the prime landmarks and a top tourist attraction of Viengxay. It was constructed during Vietnam-US war and houses a hospital, a school, Pathet Lao offices, bakeries, shops, and a theatre as well.


Nam Et-Phou Louey:

Nam Et-Phou Louey is a national biodiversity conservation area stretches an area of 5,959 sq. km. It is home to diverse animals such as clouded leopard, Asian golden cat, marbled cat, civet, gaur, white-cheeked gibbon, sun bear, and black bear.


Hintang Archaeological Park:

Hintang Archaeological Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site situated near Viengxay and is considered as one of the major historical sites of northern Laos. It visited by higher majority of foreign tourists every year.


The list of other tourist attractions near Viengxay is as follows:

  • Phou Pha Thi Mountain
  • Wat Pho Xai
  • Nameuang Hot Springs
  • Ban Tham Buddha Cave
  • Tat Saloei Waterfall


Ideal time to visit Viengxay:

Between November and March is the best time to visit Viengxay to enjoy the beauty of Viengxay Caves.


Accommodation Options in Viengxay:

All the hotels and the guest houses of Viengxay have the specialties of hot-water, bathroom and a double bed with a mosquito net. Prominent hotels and guest houses of Viengxay are:

  • Thavisay Hotel
  • Xailomyen Guest House
  • Naxay Guest House
  • Thongnakay Guest House
  • Tontavan Guest House
  • Phathao Guest House
  • Viengxai Hotel
  • Long Ma Guesthouse
  • Shuliy Guesthouse
  • Bounhome Guesthouse
  • Sam Neua Hotel
  • Nam La Hotel
  • Mai Chau Lodge
  • Ha Noi hotel

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