Places to Visit in Karshi, Uzbekistan, Asia

Places to Visit in Karshi, Uzbekistan, Asia

Being the capital city of Qashqadaryo province, the woven flat carpets of Karshi is well known throughout the world. Karshi is situated towards the southern end of Uzbekistan country with coordinates 38051’ N and 65048’ E. The border of Afghanistan country is 336 km south from Karshi while Tashkent the capital city of Uzbekistan is 521 km. Natural gas production at Karshi is the main industry contributing towards the economical growth of Uzbekistan. Because of the fertile soil and the proximity with the river Amu Darya, agriculture involving production of cotton and wheat is another major occupation in Karshi. Karshi city has a population of 226,000. Summer season sees a rise in temperature up to 370 C while in winter temperatures drop to 60 C.


History of Karshi

“Karshi” or “Qarshi” when translated means fort. In ancient times Karshi was regarded as the oasis on the Silk Road which had connection to China and other Asian countries in the south. During medieval many rulers constructed forts and palace in places within present Karshi district. In the year 1873, a treaty was signed between the then King of Karshi and the invading Russian Empire.


Food and Shopping at Karshi

Restaurants at Karshi cook European and East Asian cuisines with exotic flavors. The food on the local menu are colorful, tasty and the names itself makes one mouth water.


Tourist Places in Karshi


  • Khoja Adbul Aziz Madrassah


Khoja Adbul Aziz Madrassah is the biggest madrassah in the whole district of Karshi. This madrassah is now a regional museum.


  • Rabiya Madrassah


Rabiya Madrassah was founded in the late 19th century and is the only madrassah dedicated to the female population in Karshi.


  • Kok Gumbaz Mosque


A small portion of a 16th century building was modified into what now is known as Kok Gumbaz Mosque.


  • World War II Memorial


During the rule of Soviet Union in Uzbekistan, a monument was built in Karshi which was dedicated to the lost army men of the Soviets in World War II.


  • Yer Kurgan Settlement


Archeological excavation in a town known as Yerkurgan has shed light on the beautiful wall paintings and monuments of the most ancient civilizations in Karshi district.

There are other places of tourist interest in Karshi such as:

  • Hazret-Hyzr Mosque
  • Ruhabad Mausoleum
  • Itchan Kala
  • Monument of Shakhrisabz


Means of Commutation to Karshi


The Karshi-Khanabad being an air base sees to the landing and departing of flights to places such as Tashkent in Uzbekistan and places in Russia such as St. Petersburg, Moscow and Navoi.



There is a single track rail link in Karshi connecting Tashkent to Almaty in Khazakstan. Train no. 7/8 “Nasaf” is the only passenger train commuting passengers from Karshi to Tashkent while making stops at Samarkand and Bukhara. The ticket fare also includes snacks.



Connectivity by road from Karshi to various other places in the country, Uzbekistan is well achieved.


Accommodation Options at Karshi

Hotels at Karshi aim at offering the best world class service to tourists. The interiors of hotel rooms in Karshi are uniquely decorated and facilities such as closed circuit TV, sauna, free Wi-Fi, etc is available in hotels across Karshi. There are budget hotels, three star and five star hotels in Karshi with room rents beginning from $45 to $190. List of names of hotels in Karshi are mentioned below:

  • Nasaf Hotel
  • Sarbon Hotel
  • Shodlik Palace Hotel
  • Le Grande Plaza Hotel
  • Hotel Asia Tashkent
  • The Park Turon Hotel
  • Tashkent Palace Hotel
  • Hotel Shakhrisabz Yulduzi
  • Grand Mir Hotel Tashkent
  • Dedeman Silk Road
  • Intercontinental Tashkent
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