Places to Visit in Bayankhongor, Mongolia, Asia

Places to Visit in Bayankhongor, Mongolia, Asia

Bayankhongor is the capital city of Bayankhongor Province of Mongolia is located at the coordinates 46°11′30″ N 100°43′04″ E. It covers an area of 64 sq. km. and is placed about 635 kms southwest of Ulan Bator, the capital of Mongolia. The beautiful museums, parks, monasteries of Bayankhongor made it as one of the important tourism centres of the country.


Geography and Climate of Bayankhongor:

Bayankhongor is positioned at an altitude of 1859 meters and features a semi-arid climate. It experiences hot summers and very cold winters.

Bayankhongor Province is bordered by Arkhangai Province in the north, Ovorkhangai Province towards east, Govi-Altai Province to the west, Inner Mongolia, China on the south, Zavkhan Province towards northwest and Omnogovi Province to the southeast.


History of Bayankhongor:

Bayankhongor was earlier known as Govi-Bumbugur and formed as a province in the year 1941.


Culture, Cuisine and Shopping in Bayankhongor:

The culture of Bayankhongor is influenced by other regions of the country. The natives have great techniques in visual arts and architecture. There are monthly cultural programs organized at the temples of the town and modern style of music and dance are also very popular among the natives of Bayankhongor.

The most of the cuisine of Bayankhongor include dairy products, meat, and animal fat. The people use meat of cattle, horses, camels, yaks, sheep, and goat meats to prepare food during festive season. The hotels of Bayankhongor serve tourists with variety of food of Mongolia and nearby countries like China and Russia.

If tourists like to purchase handicraft products and archeological items, the handicraft shops of Bayankhongor are the best options for tourists needs. Tourists can pick jewelry items, woolen clothes, metal works at reasonable prices at the shops of Bayankhongor. The city also houses numerous branded cloth and shoe stores as well.


How to reach Bayankhongor?

Bayankhongor has its own airport located 3 kms away from the city centre and there are weekly 3 times air services available to national capital Ulan Bator at the airport. Bayankhongor is also well connected with Ulan Bator by daily bus services and tourists can board Bayankhongor City buses at Dragon Center of Ulaanbaatar at 8 AM. If tourists like to visit surrounding regions tourist destinations of Bayankhongor, taxi and minibuses are the best options.


Places to see in Bayankhongor:


Boon Tsaagan Lake:

Boon Tsaagan Lake is a big saltwater lake situated near Baidrig River in Bayankhongor. It is situated about 90 km southwest of the Bayankhongor City centre and is surrounded by few guest houses. Boon Tsaagan Lake is the best weekend picnic spot for bird lovers.


Orog Nuur:

Orog Nuur is another prime lake of Bayankhongor located 100 km south of the heart of the city. From June to August is the best time to visit this beautiful lake.


The History and Ethnographic Museum:

The History and Ethnographic Museum of Bayankhongor includes the information of weddings and traditional clothes.


Dinosaur Park:

Dinosaur Park houses the models of the several dinosaur species located in the city centre of Bayankhongor.


The list of other tourist attractions near Bayankhongor includes:

  • Blue Lake
  • Holbooj Lake
  • Bayan Tsaagin Lake
  • Children’s Park
  • Lamyn Gegeenii Gon Gandan Dedlin Khiid


Best time to visit Bayankhongor:

During the summer months from June to August is the ideal time to visit Bayankhongor to enjoy the beauty of lakes.


Accommodation options in Bayankhongor:

Bayankhongor is home to numerous well facilitated hotels and the facilities available in the major hotels include conference hall, restaurant, karaoke and VIP room and tourists can choose hotels as per their budget. The best hotels in Bayankhongor are:

  • Urandush Hotel
  • Negdelchin Hotel
  • Khongor Hotel
  • Jargalant Hotel
  • Shargaljuut Resort
  • Ukhug Resort
  • Enkh-Nomun Hotel
  • Soul Hotel
  • Zalaa Hotel
  • Zamchin Hotel
  • Rich Land Hotel
  • Time Hotel


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