Tourist Places to Visit in Visayas, Philippines, Asia

Tourist Places to Visit in Visayas, Philippines, Asia

Visayas is an island situated mid of the Philippines and Visayas consists for several islands and region. Visayas is divided into Western, Central, and Eastern Visayas, where Western Visayas has 6 provinces, Central Visayas has 4 provinces and Eastern Visayas has 6 provinces and every Visayas has its own capital city. Visayas is home for various industries, tourism, commercial and business. Visayas has total area of 61,077 Sq Kms and highest elevation in Visayas is 7,989 feet (2,435 meters) above the sea level.


Places to visit in Visayas:

Western Visayas:

Miag-Ao Church:

This church is situated in Iloilo city, one of the oldest churches in the city which is recognized by the UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Manduyog Hill:

Is one of the stunning hills of the western Visayas and at the bottom of the hill an old university is situated which is bounded by natural landscape.


Central Visayas:

Mag-aso Falls:

This fall is situated in Bohol city, one of the natural treasures of the city and fall is charming beside a background of tall trees located in center of the jungle.


Fatima Rosary Hill:

This hill has a lager statue of Virgin Mary on the top of the mountain and it is situated in Carmen City which is visited by thousands of locals on May 15th every year.


Eastern Visayas:

Mainit Hot Spring:

This hot spring is situated in Caibiran town in Biliran city and this hot spring is identified for natural minerals which has the capacity to cure many skin diseases.


Mahagnao National Park:

Mahagnao National Park is situated in Leyte city and it is the prime attraction in the city bounded by untainted forest.


Other tourists Places in Visayas:

Western Visayas:

  • Maniguin Island
  • Janiuay Cemetery
  • Sandbar Island
  • Tucad Reef
  • Pilar Cave


Central Visayas:

  • Cabasi Spring
  • Loboc River
  • Magsuhot Park
  • Kabuhian Festival
  • Yap-Sandiego House


Eastern Visayas:

  • Iyusan Rice Terraces
  • Lake Kasudsuran
  • Bangon Falls
  • Danao Cave
  • Agta Beach

Best Time to Visit Visayas:

Visayas is one of the famed tourist destinations in Philippines and climate remains pleasant throughout the year and best time to visit Visayas is between the months of November to March.


How to Reach Visayas?

By Air:

There are several airports in Visayas and one of the major airports is Mactan Cebu International Airport situated in Cebu city and airport serves domestic and international flights to various cities in the world. From airport tourists can avail taxi, bus or boat services to various destinations in Visayas.


By Sea:

Most of the regions are well connected through seaport and best mode of transportation to get around Visayas is from sea route and ferries also ply from neighboring provinces as well.


 By Road:

To get around the city tourists can avail public and private bus facilities plying frequently from various cities and other local transportation modes are jeepney, motorcycle, taxi, tricycles and bicycles.


Where to Stay in Visayas?

Visayas has number of provinces and each provinces has some places to visit and tourists can come across budget, economy, standard, and luxury hotels in Visayas which cost from $ 8 to $ 500 and above per day. Some of the hotels in Visayas are listed below:

  • The Peacock Garden
  • Vest Pension House
  • Cebu Midtown Hotel
  • Movenpick Resort and Spa
  • Richmond Plaza Hotel
  • Mangodlong Rock Resort
  • My Little Island Hotel Cebu
  • Virgin Beach Resort
  • Bantayan Cottages
  • Eve’S Kiosk Restaurant & Lodge
  • The Blue Orchid Resort Moalboal
  • South Town Room & Board
  • Islanders Paradise Beach Resort and Restaurant

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