Tourist Places to Visit in Daqing, China, Asia

Tourist Places to Visit in Daqing, China, Asia

Daqing is sited on the Asian continent in the northeast region of the country, China. This place is located in the Heilongjiang province. When translated to English the word Daqing means ‘Great Celebration’. This place is also regarded as Oil Capital of the country. The geographical coordinates puts the place at 46035’ N and 125000’ E and spans over an area of 22,161 km2. The place is 150 meters above sea level. During summer season the average temperature is 340C and in winter temperature drops to -30C.


History of Daqing:

Oil fields were discovered in the year 1950, and in the year 1958, mechanical instruments were introduced by the oil company to drill oil. In the year 1959, the area became a full-fledged oil and gas extraction site. During the year 1960, Daqing became an important center among industrialist in the country, China.


People & Culture of Daqing: 

Most the people of Daqing are followers of the Buddhism religion. However, there exist Muslims and Christians too in Daqing. Chinese Mandarin is the language most spoken among the locals of Daqing.


Food and Shopping at Daqing:

Tourists can come across various food stalls and resorts along the street which serves both, continental and non-continental cuisines with some of the western food joints.

Manhattan Shopping Center located in Harbin is the only shopping complex where one would come across branded products. Besides this shopping complex there are other commercial places in Daqing where one can also enjoy shopping.


 Tourist Places in Daqing:

Lianhuanhu Scenic Area:

Lianhuanhu Scenic Area is located at the distance of 60 kms from city center in Dorbod Mongol Autonomous County, Daqing which is single international waterfowl hunting ground in the country.


Lianhua Lake:

Lianhua Lake can also be called as Lotus Lake, one of the renowned lakes in the city where tourists can enjoy boat ride, swimming and picnic with their family.


Daqing Oil Museum:

Daqing Oil Museum is located at the distance of 18 kms from center of the city which was constructed to display the oil drilling in the area and has various departments.


Dangnai Wetland:

Dangnai Wetland is located at the distance of 65 kms from Daqing in Duerbote Mongol Autonomous County, which covers an area of 30,000 hectares and one of the most stunning locations in Daqing city.


Other Places to Visit in Daqing:


Means of Commutation to Daqing:


Daqing is well connected, via rail link to places within the country, China. The Harbin-Manzhouli rail link runs through Daqing.



Daqing is also well connected, via airways to major places within the country. There are daily flights available to and fro from Daqing Sartu Airport to places like Shanghai, Qingdao, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Chengdu and Beijing.


Daqing is well connected through roadways and plenty of transportations facilities are available from various cities to Daqing and intercity transportation is facilitated by public buses, taxis and metro.


Accommodation Options at Daqing:

There are few hotels in Daqing range from 1 star to 4 star and offer world class living facilities for the convenience and comfort of the travelers and the tariffs differ from hotel to hotel. Customers can choose a hotel of their choice, necessities and budget and book a hotel well in advance prior to visiting the place which cost from $ 20 to $ 150 and above per day. List of hotels located in Hiroshima is as follows:

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