Places to Visit in Changzhi, China, Asia

Places to Visit in Changzhi, China, Asia

Changzhi is sited on the Asian continent in the southwest region of the country, China. This place is located in the province of Shanxi. The translation of Changzhi means “Eternal Peace”. The geographical coordinates puts the Changzhi city at 36011’ N and 113006’ E. Changzhi spans over an area of 13,865 km2. During summer season the average temperature is 300C and in winter temperature drops to below 30C.


History of Changzhi:

Changzhi was ruled by the Jin dynasty during 722 B.C. It was later divided into 3 parts in 403 B.C. and occupied by Wei, Zao and Han dynasty. Tang dynasty ruled Changzhi during the 618 B.C. The place was ruled by Empress Wu Zetian, who happened to be the first female ruler of China. Later in 221 B.C, Changzhi was administered by the first great emperor of China, Emperor Qin Shi Huang who was instrumental in forming the country.

During the period from 960 to 1127 B.C, the Northern Song Dynasty ruled Changzhi. Due to the conflicts taking between Liao Dynasty and Song Dynasty, Changzhi and places under the rule of Song Dynasty were taken by Jurchen Jin Dynasty in the year 1127.

The year 1912 to 1949 marked the invasion of the Japanese army in the area of Changzhi. The end of the year 1949 saw the defeat of Japanese in the Changzhi region and the region then came under the Republic of China.


Tourism in Changzhi:

Changzhi is a historical city where tourists can come across several natural scenic spots and renowned historical relics which was established more than 250 million years ago. Tourists can visit several mountains, temples and lakes in and around the city. Many hotels in Changzhi provide tourists packages where tourists can visit with expert guide who will guide to all the historical places in the city.


Tourist Places in Changzhi:

  • Lingkong Mountain
  • Huangya Cave
  • Baiyun Cave
  • Baigu Mountain
  • Zituan Mountain
  • Shangdang Gate
  • Taihang Mountain Gorge
  • Laoding Mountain Forest Park
  • Town God Temple
  • Guanyin Hall
  • Faxing Temple Yuanqi Temple
  • Jindeng Temple
  • Tiantai Temple


Means of Commutation to Changzhi:


Changzhi is well accessed by roads from other places in China. There are a total of three national highways (China NH 309, 208 and 207) and four controlled-access highways linking Changzhi to places like Handan, Linfen, Jincheng and Taiyuan.



Changzhi is also connected via to places within China country. There are two rail links which see trains running to and from Changzhi to Taiyuan and Handan.



Changzhi is served by Changzhi Wangcun Airport, located at the distance of 6.5 kms from center of the city which is connected by air to other airports within China. The airport Changzhi Wangcun Airport sees to the arrival and departure of flights to cities like Chengdu, Fuzhou, Taiyuan, Beijing, Datong, Guangzhou and Shanghai.


Accommodation Options at Changzhi:

Changzhi is a city in Shanxi province and a historical city with numerous monuments and has some superior exotic hotels choices from 1 star to 4 star offering great services to the visitors taking lodging amenities in such hotels. The hotels have typical Chinese interiors which cost from $ 15 to $ 100 and above per day. List of hotels located in Changzhi is as follows:

  • East Dawning Hotel
  • Jinjiang Inn (Changzhi Government South Courtyard)
  • Dong Ming International Hotel
  • Garden Holiday Hotel
  • Pengyu International Hotel
  • Taihang Mingzhu Express Hotel
  • Jingyue Kailai Hotel
  • Fragrant Grains Hotel
  • Bishui Lantian Hotel
  • Changzhi Hotel (Zijin West Road)
  • Globe International Hotel

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