Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Chengdu, China, Asia

Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Chengdu, China, Asia

Chengdu is sited on the Asian continent in the southwest region of the country, China. This place forms the center of administration for the province of Sichuan. Chengdu means the “Land of Abundance” and capital of Sichuan Province. The geographical coordinates puts the place at 30039’31” N and 104003’53” E and spans over an area of 12,132 km2. The place is 500 meters above the sea level. During summer season the average temperature is 300C and in winter temperature drops to below 30C.


History of Chengdu:

According to findings based on archeological discoveries, civilization existed during the 4th century BC. The Shang and Zhou dynasties ruled the entire region of Sichuan. After the Second World War populace from Japan settled in China and started many developments in the city and Chengdu was the last Chinese mainland to be held by Kuomintang and later region developed as an industrial city in China.


Food and Shopping at Chengdu:

Chengdu is visited by thousands of tourists throughout the year and every year new resorts and restaurants are established in the city which serves authentic and delicious food with new flavors, some of the renowned foods in Chengdu are roast duck, which is available is all the hotels in Chengdu and there are many western food joints in the city as well. Chengdu offers wide range of shopping options to visitors and some of the major markets from where tourists can purchase the wide range of goods from Shu Brocade Factory, Sichuan Antiques Shop, Lacquer wares Factory and various other places.


Tourist Places in Chengdu:

Du Fu Thatched Cottage Museum:

This museum spans over an area of 97,000 m2 and is one of China’s Heritages. This Museum was created by a poet named Du Fu during the reign of the Tang dynasty.


Wuhou Memorial Temple:

This temple is located at the distance of 10 kms from center of the city; temple was constructed during the Tang Dynasty which is one of the oldest temples in city.


Wenshu Monastery:

This is one of the holy grounds dedicated to the Buddhist temple in the place, Chengdu is located at the distance of 10 kms from center of the city.


Jinsha Excavation Site:

A site excavated by Archeologists shows proof of civilization that once existed more than 3,000 years, is visited by tourists who are eager to know about the history.


Other Places to Visit in Chengdu:


  • Tianfu Square
  • Green Ram Temple
  • Sichuan Science and Technology Museum
  • Sichuan University
  • Jinli Ancient Street
  • Sichuan Opera
  • Wannian Monastery
  • Fulong Temple
  • Anlan Suspension Bridge
  • Erwang Temple


Means of Commutation to Chengdu:


Chengdu is well connected to the world via airways. The Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport is at a distance of 15 km from city center and flights from various places in the world arrive and depart from this airport.



Chengdu is also connected by rail link to places within the country, China. Trains are available from Kunming and Xi’an located in Yunnan and Chongqing respectively. There are three railway stations in Chengdu. These are:

  • Chengdu North Station serves high speed trains to Chongqing and also train commuting long distance
  • Chengdu East Station serves inter-city trains and trains moving to Chongqing
  • Chengdu South Station which sees to the arrival and departure of trains moving towards southern and southwest China



Chengdu is also connected by bus to other places of China. There are three bus stations in Chengdu. These are

  • Chadianzi
  • Xinnanmen
  • Wuguiqiao

Intercity transportation is facilitated by Metro, taxi and bus.


Accommodation Options at Chengdu:

Chengdu is identified for finest hotels that offer wonderful accommodation facilities for the tourists coming to the city all round the year. Hotels range from budget, standard and luxury offering some of the fantastic amenities and provide the best of authentic Chinese cuisines and hotels in Chengdu cost from $ 6 to $ 1,000 and above per day. List of some of the hotels located in and near Chengdu are:


  • Fraser Suites Chengdu
  • Buddha Zen Hotel
  • Holiday Inn Chengdu Oriental Plaza
  • Shangri-La Hotel Chengdu
  • InterContinental Century City Hotel Chengdu
  • Somerset Riverview Chengdu
  • Crowne Plaza Chengdu Panda Garden
  • Celebrity City Hotel
  • JinJiang Hotel
  • Tibet Hotel

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