Top Tourist Places to Visit in Kunming, China, Asia

Top Tourist Places to Visit in Kunming, China, Asia

Kunming is sited on the Asian continent in the southwest region of the country, China. This place is located in the Yunan province and forms the center of administration for Yunan province. Kunming is 1900 meters above sea level and the geographical coordinates puts the place at 25004’ N and 102041’ E. Kunming spans over an area of 21,473 km2. During summer season the average temperature is 320C and in winter temperature drops to -70C.


History of Kunming:

Archeologist’s civilization existed in 279 B.C. along the Lake Dianchi and in 109 BC; the place was ruled by Emperor Wu of Han dynasty. During this period trade existed between Kunming and places like India and Burma through the southern Silk Road.

During the period from 737 to 902, Kunming was known as Tuodong city and was administered by the Nanzhao Kingdom. From the period 937 to 1253 the city was administered by the ruler of Dali Kingdom. The year 1252-1253 marked the reign of Yuan dynasty over Tuodong city. Tuodong city was then named Kunming and was the capital of the Yunnan province. Later the rulers of Mongol conquered the entire Yunnan region. The Mongols were defeated in the 14th century by the Ming dynasty.

The year 1870 saw the entry of French traders in the region. Rail lines were laid in the Yunnan province and work was finished in the year 1911. In the year 1935, Kunming was under the communist rule of China. In 1908, the ports at Kunming were opened for trade and the region prospered. The rail link to Hanoi was destroyed during the World War II and the rail link was again built in the year 1996. Kunming served as the strategic point for the allied nations fighting against the Japanese forces.

In the year 1949, after the war Kunming began to modernize at a faster pace. Many commercial establishments opened in and around Kunming.


People & Culture of Kunming:  

The language spoken at Sichuan and Guizhou is very much similar to that spoken in Kunming but is a bit different from Mandarin Chinese and host the International Folk Arts and Craft Union every year to promote the Art and culture of the Kunming city.


Food and Shopping at Kunming:

One of the most special dishes of Kunming region is usually made by boiling the ingredients and various other contents added to it and some of the famed cuisines in Kunming are Er Kuai, Somked Smelly Bean Curd, Over the Bridge Rice Noodle and Steam Potted Chicken.


Tourist Places in Kunming:

Yuantong Temple:

Yuantong Temple is located at the distance of 30 kms from city center and temple has 1,200 year old history, temple is devoted to Lord Buddha which was constructed by King Yimouxun of the Nanzhao Kingdom.


Tanhua Temple:

Tanhua Temple is located at the distance of 25 kms from middle of the city and was constructed in the year 1634 which is bounded by scenic spot and tree.


Qiongzhu Temple:

Qiongzhu Temple is at the distance of 40 kms from Kunming city is situated at the top of the mountain where tourists can view the amazing art work.


Kunming Zoology Museum:

Kunming Zoology Museum is located at the distance of 25 kms from the city which displays the fossils and skeletons of various animals.


Other Places to visit in Kunming:

  • The Stone Forest
  • Yunnan Minority Village
  • The Golden Temple
  • Jiuxiang
  • West Hill
  • Black Dragon Pool
  • Daquan Park
  • Dianchi Lake


Means of Commutation to Kunming:

Kunming is well connected via roadways to places within the country. There are three national highways joining Kunming namely the National Highway 320, 213 and 108. These highways connect Kunming to places like Laos, Vietnam and Thailand and also lead to the ports located in the southeastern region of Asia.

Inter city transportation is facilitated by public buses and taxis.

Kunming is well connected by rail link to places within China. There are trains moving to and fro from Kunming Railway station daily to places like Guangzhou, Xichang, Xiaguan, Shanghai, Nanning, Beijing, Guangxi, Guizhou, Chengdu and Sichuan. Kunming North Railway station connects Yunnan province to Vietnam and Heko.

Kunming is well accessed by airways by various places across the globe. The Kunming Changshui International Airport caters to flights arriving and departing at the airport.


Accommodation Options at Kunming

There are a plenty of hotels in Kunming city which offers great staying experience to visitors with typical Chinese hotels and modern amenities which cost from $ 7 to $ 200 and above per day. The names of these hotels are listed here below:

  • Kunming Chengjian Hotel
  • Green Lake Hotel
  • New Era Hotel Kunming
  • Empark Grand Hotel Kunming
  • Dianchi Garden Hotel & Spa
  • Spring City Garden Tianhong Hotel
  • Spring Soul Garden Spa & Resort
  • Golden Spring Hotel
  • Fairland Hotel Kunming Xinwen Road
  • Grand Park Kunming
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