Murghab Tourist Places to Visit in Murghab, Tajikistan, Asia

Murghab Tourist Places to Visit in Murghab, Tajikistan, Asia

Murghab is a town situated in Murghob District in Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region of Tajikistan is situated about 830 kms southeast of Dushanbe, the capital city of Tajikistan. Murghab is a major trade centre known for Pamirsky Post and a military outpost.


Geography of Murghab:

Murghab is positioned between latitude 38°10′08″ in the north and longitude 73°57′54″ in the east is located at an elevation of 3,650 meters between Murghab River and the Pamir Highway.


History of Murghab:

Murghab town was established and evenly developed during the Soviet regime in Tajikistan.


Economy of Murghab:

Most of the natives of Murghab are involved in agricultural activities and trading business.


Connectivity to Murghab:

Murghab is well connected with its nearby regions through private vehicles Jeeps, Taxis and Minivans is situated about 311 kms from the provincial capital Khorog and about 417 kms from Osh or Kyrgyzstan City.

Murghab has its own airport named as ‘Murgab Airport’ located 6 kms away from the centre of the town.

One can hire Car or Jeep to reach airport, nearby cities and tourist destinations at reasonable rent.


Food, Culture and Shopping in Murghab:

The population of Murghab covers the greater majority of Muslim citizens and lower majority of Christians and Buddhists. Tajik and Russian are the official and widely spoken languages in Murghab and also natives speak Khufi, Wakhi and Rushani languages. Murghab houses numerous mosques and dance and music centres as well.

Murghab houses few restaurants, hotels and food corners and they serve tourists with China, India along with Tajik traditional food. Most of the restaurants are located near the bazaar of Murghab and open in daytime only. The hotels charge 1-5 $ per meal.

Murghab hosts several general stores with products like rice, flour, oil, sugar, potatoes, onions and some dried fruits as well. Also Murghab houses mobile centres, cloth, shoe, handicraft and electrical and electronic shops.


Places to see places in Murghab:


Pamirsky Post:

Pamirsky Post was constructed in the year 1893 by Russians for military purpose.


Murghab River:

Murghab River passes through Shaimak Village of Murghab District.


Khorog Park:

Khorog Park is located in the vicinity of Khorugh stadium, about 300 km from Murghab. The park was constructed with traditional resources and marvelous stonework is the main highlight of the park. It is one of the major landmarks of Khorog.


Botanical Garden:

Botanical Garden of Khorugh is situated few kilometers away from the city near Roshtkala. It is referred as one of the best botanical gardens of Tajikistan.


Vanj Valley:

Vanj Valley is one of the must visit tourist spots in Khorugh. Tourist can reach Vanj Valley by boarding Vans or Jeeps at Khorugh City.



The list of other tourist attractions in Murghab is as follows:

  • Khorugh Lake
  • Julandee
  • Khorugh Stadium


Best time to visit Murghab:

Between October and March is the best time to visit Murghab to enjoy the beauty of beautiful valley.


Accommodation Options near Murghab:

Murghab houses few hotels and guest houses, so tourists can book hotels at Khorugh City or nearby cities hotels for better hospitality services. The hotels of Murghab offer internet, laundry, vehicle parking and garden area along with Tajikistan traditional food. The best hotels in Murghab and Khorugh are as follows:

  • Sukhrob Guest House
  • Homestay of Talay
  • Pamir Lodge
  • Parinen Inn
  • Lal Inn
  • Laalmo Pamir Home Stay
  • Serena Inn
  • Khorog Hotel

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