Tourist Places to Visit in Khorog (Khorugh), Tajikistan, Asia

Tourist Places to Visit in Khorog (Khorugh), Tajikistan, Asia

Khorog also called as Khorugh is the capital of Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Province in Tajikistan, about 517 kms northwest of national capital Dushanbe is placed on the convergence of Panj and Ghund Rivers is famous for its striking poplar trees.


Geography and Climate of Khorugh:

Khorugh is positioned at an altitude of 2,200 meters and is surrounded by Shakhdara in the south and Gunt in the north. It is situated between latitude 37°29′30″ in the north and longitude 71°33′21″ in the east.

Khorugh features a semi-arid climate with hot summers and cold winters.


Economy of Khorugh:

Khorugh houses Khorugh State University, numerous well facilitated hospitals, a museum and a botanical garden.


Landmarks in Khorugh:

  • Khorugh State University
  • Garm Chashma
  • University of Central Asia


Transportation in Khorugh:

Khorugh is well connected with the capital city of Tajikistan Dushanbe and the regions of Pakistan and China through Pamir Highway.

Khorugh Airport is few kilometers away from the city with AN-28 and YAK-40 flights to and from Dushanbe served by Tajik Air.

Usually buses depart at 6 or 7 AM daily from the centre of Khorugh to Dushanbe City. Other than buses, tourists can hire Taxi or Minivans to land at tourist destinations and nearby regions.


Food, Culture and Shopping in Khorugh:

Khorugh is a place with full of natural tourist spots and houses numerous mosques and few churches as well. The locals communicate in Tajik and Russian languages and Rushani, Khufi, Wakhi are other languages commonly spoken in Khorugh. Khorugh is one of the educational centres of Tajikistan houses two top universities and several famous colleges as well.

Khorugh houses the food corners from China, India and other Asian and Western countries. Deli Dharbar is an Indian food corner offers India, China and Japanese style cuisine. It is situated near Micro Finance Bank between bazaar and the only stoplight of Khorugh. Each meal cost around 5 USD. Varka is a Russian restaurant located opposite of Red Crescent Compound. Serena Continental is another famous food corner in Khorugh.

Also Khorugh City hosts several handicrafts, cloth, electrical and electronic centres.


Must see places in Khorugh:


Vanj Valley:

Vanj Valley is one of the worth visit tourist destinations in Khorugh. Tourist can hire Vans or Jeeps to reach Vanj Valley.


Garm Chashma:

Garm Chashma is a best weekend picnic spot towards Ishkashim.


Khorog Park:

Khorog Park is placed near the stadium of Khorugh is designed with beautiful local traditional resources and amazing stonework is the prime attraction of the park. Khorog Park is considered as one of the favorite parks among all age people.


Botanical Garden:

Botanical Garden of Khorugh is considered as one of the best gardens in Tajikistan. It is away from the city, situated towards Roshtkala. Sunday is off.


The list of other tourist attractions in Khorugh is as follows:

  • Julandee
  • Khorugh Stadium
  • Khorugh Lake


Best time to visit Khorugh:

From October to March is the ideal time to visit Khorugh to see the beautiful valley and the park.


Accommodation Options in Khorugh:

The hotels of Khorugh have the facilities of vehicle parking, hot water bath, garden area, doctor on call, TV, laundry, fitness centre, room with attached bathroom, landline phone, 24 hour electricity, pick up and drop to airport and air ticket booking as well. The list of best hotels and home stays in Khorugh is as follows:

  • Pamir Lodge
  • Parinen Inn
  • Lal Inn
  • Laalmo Pamir Home Stay
  • Serena Inn
  • Khorog Hotel

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