Tourist Places to Visit in Dushanbe, Tajikistan, Asia

Tourist Places to Visit in Dushanbe, Tajikistan, Asia

Dushanbe is the capital and the largest city of Tajikistan geographically positioned between 38°32′12″ N latitude and 68°46′48″ E longitude is located at the convergence of two rivers Kofarnihon and Varzob. Dushanbe is divided into four districts namely Avicenna, Ferdowsi, Ismail Samani and Shah Mansur.


Etymology and History of Dushanbe:

The literal meaning of Dushanbe in Tajik language is “Monday” and the city derives its name from Monday marketplace of one small village. Between 1931 and 1961 Dushanbe was called as Stalinabad.

Dushanbe is gradually developing after the establishment The Tajik Soviet Socialist Republic in the year 1929.


Economy of Dushanbe:

Dushanbe is home to Tajik Air and Somon Air, headquarters of two major airlines of the country. Dushanbe is the educational hub of Tajikistan, houses the most of the top universities of the country which includes Tajik State National University, Tajikistan Humanitarian International University, Agricultural University of Tajikistan and Tajik State Medical University.


Geography and Climate of Dushanbe:

Dushanbe experiences a Mediterranean climate with hot and dry summers and chilly and cool winters. Dushanbe is spread over an area of 124.6 sq. km. and located an altitude of 706 meters.


Landmarks in Dushanbe:

  • Tajikistan National Museum
  • Dushanbe Airport
  • Dushanbe Zoo
  • Vahdat Palace


How to reach Dushanbe?

Dushanbe is served by Dushanbe International Airport by Air Astana, Aeroflot, Asia Airways, East Air and other main airlines with direct flights to Sochi, St Petersburg, Delhi, Dubai, Kabul, Sharjah, Bishkek, Almaty, Krasnoda and other major cities of the world.

Dushanbe is connected by trains with few cities of other countries like Moscow via Volgograd, Atyrau and Termez and the railway station is located 4 kms away from the city centre.

To move within the city and to reach tourist destinations Minibuses, Taxis and Jeeps are the better options. One can hire Taxi from the centre of the city to travel around.


Culture, Cuisine and Shopping in Dushanbe:

The natives of Dushanbe speak national language Tajik and few locals have the knowledge of Russian, Rushani, Khufi, Wakhi and Shughni. Skiing, snowboarding, hiking and rock climbing are very popular adventure sports among the natives of Dushanbe.

Dushanbe houses plenty of international food corners with varieties of Kebab, Pizza, salads, French fries, cakes, coffee and delectable breakfast. The best food corners in Dushanbe are:

  • Delhi Darbar
  • Cafe Merve
  • Segafredo
  • La Grande Dame
  • Georgia Cafe
  • Steakhouse

To drink tourists can reach Irish Pub and Public Pub.

Dushanbe hosts numerous diverse handicraft shops and modern shops of cloth and shoes. Shakhmansur Bazaar is one of the largest bazaars in Dushanbe offers different food products like nuts, fresh fruits and vegetables, spices, meats and dried fruit. Another best bazaar in Dushanbe is Korvon Bazaar.


Places to see in Dushanbe:


Rudaki Statue:

Rudaki Statue is placed in Rudaki Avenue of Dushanbe. At night is the best to see this beautiful statue.


The Palace of Unity:

The Palace of Unity also called as Vahdat Palace is situated in the vicinity of Hotel Avesto of Dushanbe. The outer structure of the building is very nice.


Dushanbe Zoo:

Dushanbe Zoo is located on the banks of Luchob River in the heart of Dushanbe City was constructed in the year 1960.


Other tourist attractions in Dushanbe include:

  • Tajikistan National Museum
  • Dushanbe Flagpole
  • Massive Statue of Somoni
  • Gurminj Museum of Musical Instruments
  • Dushanbe Synagogue
  • Puppet Theatre
  • Tajik State National University
  • Victory Park
  • Fort Hissar
  • Rudaki Statue
  • Gurminj Musical Instrument Museum
  • Museum of Antiquities
  • Rohat Chaikhona
  • Museum of Archeology


Best time to visit Dushanbe:

From November to February is the ideal time to visit Dushanbe.


Accommodation options in Dushanbe:

The hotels of budgeted, mid range and luxury in Dushanbe are listed below:

  • Dushanbe Serena Hotel
  • Hyatt Regency Dushanbe
  • Hotel Mercury
  • Best Eastern Tajikistan
  • Hotel Tajikistan
  • Taj Palace Hotel
  • Avesto Dushanbe
  • Hotel Grand Asia
  • Serena Hotel
  • Gastnitsa Vakhsh

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