Kulob Tourist Places to Visit in Kulob, Tajikistan, Asia

Kulob Tourist Places to Visit in Kulob, Tajikistan, Asia

Kulob also known as Kulab or Kulyab is a city situated in Kulob district in Khatlon Province of Tajikistan. It is one of the biggest cities of Tajikistan, about 250 kms southeast of national capital Dushanbe. Kulob is home to FC Ravshan, a certified football club of Kulob.


Geography of Kulob:

Kulob is positioned between latitude 37°54′33″ in the north and longitude 69°46′55″ in the east.


History of Kulob:

Kulob was formed in 691 BCE. The name of the city changed in the year 1750 from Khatlon to Kulob.


Nearby towns of Kulob:

  • Zarbdor
  • Ziraki
  • Dahana


Connectivity to Kulob:

Most of the people in Kulob highly depend on road transportation services and tourists can board jeeps or minibuses to reach airport and tourist spots.

Kulob is served by its own airport situated 9 kms away from the centre of the city.

One can board trains at Kulob Railway Station and other nearest railway stations to Kulob include Sargazon Railway Station and Guyunchi Railway Station.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Kulob:

Kulob is one of the cultural hubs of the country houses several mosques and dance and music centres. It houses greater population of Muslims, followed by minority of Christians. Tajik and Russian are the commonly spoken languages in Kulob. Kulob is the birth place of two famous Tajik singers Shabnam Soraya and Manija Davlatova.

Other than Tajik traditional food corners, Kulob hosts numerous Asian and Western countries restaurants with varieties of food items.

Kulob is well known for gulduzi and chakan embroideries. Tourists can purchase different handicraft products, alochi, kurtachi, suzane, jewelry, pottery tan and armor at the shops of Kulob City. Also Kulob houses several retail outlets, cloth shops, shoe centres, electronic and electrical centres as well. The products available at affordable cost in Kulob compared to other regions of Tajikistan.


Places to see in Kulob:


Memorial complex of Mir Sayid Ali Khamadoni:

One of the must visit place and the identity of Kulob is memorial complex of Mir Sayid Ali Khamadoni. This memorial was built in the honor of 14th century Tajikistan poet and philosopher Mir Sayid Ali Khamadoni. The big entrance and the hall are the prime attractions of the complex.  The mausoleum and marble gravestone are also worth watch sites.


Vahdat Palace:

Vahdat Palace also known as “The Palace of Unity” is located in the vicinity of Hotel Avesto in Dushanbe, about 250 kms from Kulob. It is known for its ancient architecture.


Gurminj Musical Instrument Museum:

Gurminj Musical Instrument Museum displays various Central Asian musical instruments located near Rudaki Statue in Dushanbe.


Other tourist attractions near Kulob include:

  • Dushanbe Synagogue
  • Puppet Theatre
  • Tajik State National University
  • Victory Park
  • Fort Hissar
  • Rudaki Statue
  • Museum of Antiquities
  • Rohat Chaikhona
  • Museum of Archeology
  • Tajikistan National Museum
  • Dushanbe Flagpole
  • Massive Statue of Somoni


Best time to visit Kulob:

From October to February is the ideal time to visit Kulob, where the weather remains very pleasant.


Accommodation Options in Kulob:

Kulob houses few star hotels, so tourists can find hotels of Dushanbe for better accommodation. The hotels in Kulob and Dushanbe (about 250 kms) are as follows:

  • Kurganteppa Hotel
  • Hotel Ramz
  • Hotel Hammom
  • Hyatt Regency Dushanbe Hotel
  • Hotel Tajikistan
  • Hotel Mercury
  • Hotel Almos
  • Hotel Serena
  • Hotel Sino
  • Taj Palace Hotel
  • Avesto Dushanbe
  • Hotel Grand Asia

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