Tourist Places to Visit in Nukus, Uzbekistan, Asia

Tourist Places to Visit in Nukus, Uzbekistan, Asia

The sixth biggest city of Uzbekistan country, Nukus lies in the Karakalpakstan Republic with a population of 271,600 (2012 statistics). Nukus city forms the center of administration of Karakalpakstan Republic. Towards the west of Nukus flows the river Amu Darya. Located at latitude 42028’ N and 59036’ E, Nukus is well known for its Museum of Art. Summer season begins in the month of April and ends in the month of September with an average of 330 C while winter season begins from October and last till March with an average drop of -0.30 C. the month from October to April is the best time to tour Nukus. Once dependent on the flourishing fishing industry, the economy is now seen growing due to the presence of agriculture industry with cotton, melon and rice cultivated at a large extent.


History of Nukus

In the year 1932, Nukus witnessed various developments taking place under the Soviet rule. The town changed to city with various infrastructures on the rise. Nukus being a remote location in Uzbekistan was used as a place for chemical weapon research by the Red Army.


People & Culture of Nukus  

Since Nukus is the capital city of an autonomous republic, Karakalpak language is spoken by the people. This language is closer to both the Kazakh and Uzbek language

Food and Shopping at Nukus

There are plenty of eatery joints specialized in the preparation of Kebab. One such famous eatery is located close to the Igor Satvisky Museum. There are restaurants in Nukus catering to various cuisines for the vary travelers.


Tourist Places in Nukus

  • Karakalpakstan State Museum of Art’s


Karakalpakstan State Museum of Art’s displays many collections of paintings both Russian and Uzbek created during the Soviet Union rule. The unique collections are named as Igor Savitzky Collection.


  • Museum Of Applied Arts


The various artifacts unearthed by archeologists such as ancient jewelry, costumes and instruments used to play music are on display at Museum of Applied Arts.


  • Karakalpak State Museum

This museum has statues depicting those of the real life forms of flora and fauna that once existed in Nukus such as the last Turan Tiger which was seen in the year 1972.

  • Aral Sea

Aral Sea is a major tourist destination located 200 km away from Nukus. It was once a major fishing town but these days one can view a graveyard of ships. A trip by taxi to this place from Nukus will cost $75.

Means of Commutation to Nukus


At a distance of 3.4 km from Nukus city, Nukus Airport sees to the safe operation of flights in and out of the airport to destinations like Tashkent and Moscow. Flights to Moscow from Nukus Airport are available only on Monday and flights to Taskhent are available twice a day from Nukus airport.



To make commutation easy and fast there are trains available at Nukus Railway Station running to places such as Tashkent, Kungrad and Samarkand two times in a week. There are direct trains moving from Nukus to Khiva which on a different rail link.



There are plenty of taxis in Nukus city charging tourists at a less price. There are also buses available for long distance journey from Nukus South Bus Station. Taxi rides to places such as Urgench will cost $13 per seat.


Accommodation Options at Nukus

Nice clean decent budget hotels as well as three star hotels are available at Nukus. The rooms are spacious and luxurious with 24 hour facilities offered such as free Wi-Fi, hot and cold showers, TV. A single bedroom in budget hotels at Nukus will cost $15 while double room costs $20. Rooms are priced $195 in three star hotels at Nukus. List of hotels in and around Nukus is as follows:

  • Jipek Joli Hotel
  • Nukus Hotel
  • Rahnamo Hotel
  • Hotel Tashkent
  • Darbent Motel
  • Azia Khiva Hotel, Khiva
  • Hotel Malika Khiva
  • Hotel Arkanchi, Khiva
  • Hotel Shaherezada Khiva
  • Hotel Sobir-Arkanchi, Khiva
  • Hotel Dashoguz, Dashoguz
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