Places to Visit in Khudzhand (Khujand), Tajikistan, Asia

Places to Visit in Khudzhand (Khujand), Tajikistan, Asia

Khujand also called as Khudzhand is the 2nd biggest city of Tajikistan geographically positioned between 40°17′00″ N latitude and 69°37′00″ E longitude, is the capital city of Sughd Province and is located about 750 kms northeast of Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan.


Geography and Climate of Khujand:

Khujand is located on the River Syr Darya covers an area of 40 sq. km. and is placed about 300 meters above the mean level of sea.

Khujand features a temperate desert climate with cool winters and warm summers.


History of Khujand:

Khujand renamed as Leninabad in the year 1939 and the city was reformed in 1970. Khujand regained name after the end of Soviet Union rule in Tajikistan in the year 1992.


How to reach Khujand?

Khujand Airport is placed in Ghafurov, 10 kms away from the centre of Khujand City with regular flights to Russia, Dushanbe and other major cities of Tajikistan.

One can board buses easily at Northern Bus Station or Western Bus Station to Dushanbe and other bordering regions regularly.

Taxis and Marshrutkas are very common in Khujand City; provides healthy transport services to Dushanbe, Penjikent, Istaravshan and the cities of Uzbekistan.

Tourists can use Taxis to move within the city and to reach airport. It cost minimum of 10 Somoni within the City and 30 Somoni to airport.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Khujand:

Khujand is a city with full of historical mosques, museums and cultural centres of dance and music. Muslims forms the major community, followed by Roman Catholics and other minority religions. The natives celebrate major Muslims festivals like Muharram, Ed-Ul-Fitar and Ramjan with great enthusiasm and fervor.

Khujand is home to several food centres of China, Russia and India along with Tajikistan traditional food centers with variety of non vegetarian and vegetarian dishes. Shish Kebabs, Kabobs, Shakhlet, Pilaus, ugro-pilau and osh-tuglama are the popular meat dishes in Khujand.


Must see in Khujand:


Historical Museum of Sughd:

One of the must visit places in Khujand is Historical Museum of Sughd. The outer structure of the museum looks really amazing and the museum has great information of Sughd Province and Tajikistan. It is visited by most numbers of tourists from all around the country.


Ismail Somoni Monument:

Ismail Somoni Monument is situated on the banks of Syrdarya River is covered by fountains placed on a top of a hill. Color and music shows are organized every evening at Ismail Somoni monument.


Masjidi Jami mosque and Medrese:

Masjidi Jami mosque and Medrese are sited on the square of market and these are major pilgrim centres of Khujand natives.


Panchshanbe Bazaar:

Panchshanbe Bazaar is the market centre and is good place to purchase traditional handicrafts and embroideries.


Lenin Statue:

Lenin Statue is one of the largest statues in Central Asia located in Khujand is placed in the park in the vicinity of Tajik war monument.


Ruins of the X century citadel:

The citadel has one museum and the museum portrays the information of Khujand history.


Other tourist attractions near Khujand include:

  • Tajik War Monument
  • Syr Darya
  • Fergana Valley
  • Medieval Citadels and Mosques
  • Mausoleum of Sheikh Muslekheddin
  • Archeological Museum
  • Kairakum


Ideal time to visit Khujand:

From May to October is the best time to travel Khujand to go around historical sites.


Accommodation Options in Khujand:

The best hotels in and around Khujand are as follows:

  • Tavhid Hotel
  • Ehson Hotel
  • Sughd Hotel
  • Vahdat Hotel
  • Leninabad Hotel
  • Hotel Isfara

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