Best Tourist Places to Visit in Parsabad, Iran, Asia

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Parsabad, Iran, Asia

Parsabad is the capital city of Parsabad County in Ardabil Province, Iran, the northernmost city situated about 200 kms from provincial capital Ardabil and about 800 kms away from Tehran, the capital of Iran.

Central District, Tazeh Kand District, and Aslan Duz District are the major districts in the province. Parsabad and Aslan Duz are the two cities of Parsabad.


Geography of Parsabad:

Parsabad is located between 39°35′ N latitude and 47°55′ E longitude.


Economy of Parsabad:

Agriculture and tourism are the two major pillars of Parsabad’s economy. Also some natives are engaged in administrative sector and few in own business. Parsabad houses few prominent schools and colleges as well.


How to reach Parsabad?

Parsabad is served by Parsabad Moghan Airport situated 5 kms away from the centre of Parsabad city with flights to Ardabil and Tehran city.

Parsabad is one of the well maintained cities in Ardabil Province and has good connectivity with its nearby regions through roadways. There are regular bus services accessible at Parsabad City Bus Terminal and tourists can also board buses at local bus junctions.


Culture, Cuisine and Shopping in Parsabad:

Parsabad is a historical town home to many ancient mosques. The natives of Parsabad are the great lovers of music and dance and they celebrate national and religious festivals with great enthusiasm and fervor. The natives speak different languages like Azeri, Tati, Persian and Gilaki.

Tourists can buy the handicraft products at the shops of Parsabad and also can visit the shops of Ardabil Bazaar to purchase variety of handicrafts items.

Qovurma, Qurabiya, Ris, Baglava, Rahatol holgum, Girdakan and Halvasi are the popular dishes in Parsabad region. The city houses many Chinese, Indian, Mexican, Italian, Thai and Japanese along with Iranian hotels.


Places to see near Parsabad:  

Ardabil Bridges:

Ardabil hosts several historical bridges and the major bridges include Pol-e Nayer, Pol-e Haft Cheshmeh, Pol-e Panj Cheshmeh, Pol-e Gilandeh and Qarah Soo Bridge.


Shourabil Lake:

Shourabil Lake is a manmade lake located in Ardabil city. This lake looks beautiful during the evening hours.


Imamzadeh Saleh Mausoleum:

It is believed that, Imamzadeh Saleh mausoleum or tomb has the history of more than 250 years.


The complex of Sheikh Safi-ad-din:

The complex of Sheikh Safi-ad-din comprises the mausoleums of Sheikh Safi and Shah Ismail I, Jannat Sara and a mosque.


Masjid Jameh:

Masjid Jameh is a Muslim pilgrim centre placed in Ardabil.


Mirza Ali Akbar Mosque and School:

Mirza Ali Akbar mosque and school was constructed during Qajar period.


Ardabil Bazaar:

Ardabil Bazaar is a beautiful Persian bazaar in Ardabil, constructed during Safavid era.


Saint Mary Church:

Saint Mary Church was built in the year 1876. A wooden main door and painted dome are the prime attractions of this Armenian Orthodox Church.


Other tourist attractions near Parsabad are:

  • Mausoleum of Sheikh Jebra’il
  • Babadavood Anbaran


Best time to visit Parsabad:

The best months to visit Parsabad are June, July, August and September.


Accommodation Options in Parsabad:

Parsabad hosts several budget, midrange and few star hotels. On this point to choose well facilitated hotels, tourists can visit Ardabil city (about 200 kms). Ardabil hotels include the facilities of garden area, doctor on call, fitness centre, vehicle parking, TV, conference hall and air ticket booking. The list of best hotels in Ardabil is as follows:

  • Kowsar Hotel
  • Sabalan Grand Hotel
  • Negin Hotel
  • Lale Hotel
  • Astara Tourism Hotel
  • Hotel Vasli
  • Esatis Hotel
  • Darya C-8

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