Karaj Tourist Places to Visit in Karaj, Iran, Asia

Karaj Tourist Places to Visit in Karaj, Iran, Asia

Karaj is the capital city of Karaj County situated in Alborz Province of Iran, about 40 kms from the centre of Tehran city. After Tehran, Mashhad and Isfahan, Karaj is the 4th highly populated city in Iran. Karaj is well known for its educational institutions and tourist attractions. Central District and Asara District are the two districts of Karaj County.


Geography of Karaj:

Karaj is placed on the foothills of the Alborz Mountains at an elevation of 1,312 meters. It is positioned between 35°50′08″ N latitude and 51°00′37″ E longitude.


The cities of Karaj County include:

  • Karaj
  • Asara
  • Garmdarreh
  • Kamal Shahr
  • Mahdasht
  • Meshkin Dasht
  • Mohammadshahr


History of Karaj:

Karaj has a strong historical background houses several historical monuments and mosques. The historical sites include Soleimanieh Palace, Morvarid Palace and the mausoleums of Zeid Palang Abad-e-Eshtehard and Shahzadeh Soleiman.


Economy of Karaj:

Due to the proximity with national capital Tehran, Karaj is developing in all the major sectors including education, tourism and retail. Karaj is home to Payam Special Economic Zone, Karaj Payam Noor University and several Chemical, fertilizer and agro industries.


Landmarks in Karaj:

  • Karaj Enghelab Stadium
  • Pearl Palace
  • Mahestan Shopping Center
  • Khanevadeh Park


How to reach Karaj?

Karaj is well connected with Tehran, Qazvin and other major cities of the country through Tehran-Karaj Freeway, Karaj Special Road and Karaj Old Road.

Karaj has its own airport named as ‘Payam Airport’ placed 20 kms from the city centre with regular flights to Tehran City.

Karaj Railway Station has good connectivity with Tehran Railway Station, situated 8 kms from the heart of the city.

There are regular buses available from Karaj Central Bus Stand and Karaj houses 3 Metro railway stations placed at east, center and west side of the city. Tourists can hire Taxi or Cars for healthy travel.


Food, Culture and Shopping in Karaj:

Karaj population covers the higher majority citizens of Persians, followed by Persianized Lurs, Persianized Azarbaijanis and Persianized Kurds.

Karaj hosts 4 different universities, the stony fire-temple of Takht-e-Rostam, The mausoleum of Shahzadeh Soleiman and Shah Abbasi Caravanserai.

Karaj is one of the sport centres of the country houses a multipurpose stadium ‘Enghelab Stadium’ and a Tennis Park.

Karaj is jam packed with full of shopping malls, film theaters, international hotels with varieties of food from the different regions of the world, retail outlets and multi branded cloth shops. The popular food in Karaj includes Burag, Potpoto, Sirabij, Estanboli, Shur Mahi, Khorak-e-Jegar and Shekam Por.


Tourist Attractions in Karaj:

Amir Kabir Dam:

Amir Kabir Dam is a lake placed on the Chalus Road. This one of the favorite spots for the water sports lovers.


Shams Palace:

Shams Palace also known as Pearl Palace is situated in Mehrshahr district. It was constructed during the period of Pahlavi dynasty in the year 1966 and spans over an area of 50,000 square ft.


Soleimanieh Palace:

Soleimanieh Palace is a beautifully constructed palace and it has been converted into the Agriculture Department of University of Tehran.


The list of other tourist attractions in Karaj is as follows:

  • Jahanshahr Gardens
  • Tennis Park
  • Park of Madar
  • Iranzamin Park
  • Golha Garden
  • Arangeh Valley
  • Kordan Gardens
  • Khanevadeh Park
  • Apple Garden
  • Yakhmorad cave


Ideal time to visit Karaj:

From November to April is the best time to visit Karaj to enjoy the beauty of Amir Kabir Dam and Khanevadeh Park.


Accommodation Options in Karaj:

Hotels in Karaj and Tehran City (about 40 kms) are as follows:

  • Hotel Saman
  • Parsian Evin Hotel
  • Azadi Hotel
  • Hotel Esteghal
  • Tehran Grand Hotel
  • Olympic Hotel
  • Homa Hotel
  • Hotel Niloo
  • Ferdowsi Grand Hotel
  • Hally Hotel
  • Alborz Hotel
  • Amir Hotel
  • Arian Hotel APT
  • Arman Hotel
  • Arya Guest House

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