Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Ramsar, Iran, Asia

Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Ramsar, Iran, Asia

Ramsar is a city situated in Ramsar County of Mazandaran Province in Iran geographically positioned between 36°54′11″ N latitude and 50°39′30″ E longitude, situated about 250 kms northwest of provincial capital Sari. Ramsar is the capital city of Ramsar County.

Major tourist destinations of Ramsar County include Alborz Mountains in Javaherdeh village, Ramsar Palace and hot springs. Ramsar was previously known as Sakhtsar.


Geography of Ramsar:

Ramsar is placed on the coast of the Caspian Sea about 985 meters above the mean level of sea. Having the maximum levels of natural background radiation on earth is the most important geographical feature of Ramsar.

Ramsar is bounded by Gilan province in the west, Qazvin Province towards south, Tonekabon on the east and Caspian Sea to the north.


Connectivity to Ramsar:

Ramsar is located about 250 kms from the national capital Tehran. It is served by Ramsar Airport with regular flights from and to Sari, Tehran, Noshahr and Rasht, located 4 kms away from the city centre.

Buses are available at Ramsar City Bus Stand and other local bus junctions.


Things to do in Ramsar:

Tourists can visit Ramsar Plaza Complex to enjoy best shopping experience. This shopping complex includes restaurant, coffee shops, shopping center and Funfair as well. The Casino and the park is located near Ramsar Beach are other best spots to enjoy free time.


Culture, Cuisine and Shopping in Ramsar:

Gilaki language is one of the dialects of Iranian languages and most of the locals of Ramsar speak Gilaki along with Persian.

Tooska Restaurant is located in the centre of the city offers variety of food at reasonable prices and other than Tooska Restaurant Ramsar houses numerous Chinese and Western food corners to serve foreign tourists. The famous dishes in Ramsar include Khali Ash, Sham Goosht, Suluf Khorosh, Eshkene, Qatma Qarma and Sir Qaliyeh. Tourists can try Caspian Tea in Ramsar.

There are carpets, ancient ornaments and wooden handicrafts available at affordable prices in the shops of Ramsar.


Places to see near Ramsar:     

Alborz Mountain:

Alborz Mountain is a must visit tourist spot in Ramsar County about 27 kms from Ramsar city centre. It is located at an altitude of 2700 meters in Javaherdeh Village. Summer months are best to trip this stunning mountain.


Ramsar Beach:

Ramsar Beach is visited by plenty of tourists especially from Western countries every year for its marvelous beauty. There are several resorts and restaurants placed in the vicinity of beach.


Moallem blvd:

Moallem blvd also known as Casino Street is also one of the prime attractions of Ramsar.


Javaherdeh Village:

Javaherdeh Village is contributing a major role in Ramsar tourism includes snowfall mountains, rolling green hills, charming north-Iranian farms, gigantic dense woods and beautiful green fields.


Shah’s Palace:

Shah’s Palace now has been converted into a class museum.


Other tourist attractions near Ramsar include:

  • Markooh
  • Tamashaagahe Khazar
  • Hot Springs
  • The Old Hotel of Ramsar


Best time to visit Ramsar:

March and April is the ideal time to visit Ramsar to come across the beauty of Alborz Mountains.


Accommodation Options in Ramsar:

Hotels in Ramsar County offers the facilities of swimming pool, garden area, fitness centre, air ticket booking and pick up and drop facility to airport. Few best hotels in and around Ramsar is as follows:

  • Hotel Ramsar
  • Sari Residential Complex
  • Asram Hotel
  • Badeleh Hotel
  • Saravieh APT. Hotel
  • Hotel Asram
  • Hotel Marjan
  • Telar Hotel
  • Star Hotel
  • Mazeron Hotel
  • Hotel Milad
  • Hotel Negin Marzikola
  • Morvarid Hotel
  • Alf Hotel

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