Places to Visit in Qazvin (Ghazvin), Iran, Asia

Places to Visit in Qazvin (Ghazvin), Iran, Asia

Qazvin also called as Ghazvin is the capital and the largest city of Qazvin Province in Iran, situated about 150 kms from Tehran, the capital city of Iran. Qazvin is home to 6 top universities, international hotels, shopping complexes, hypermarkets, beautiful parks and bridges as well.


Geography and Climate of Qazvin:

Qazvin is placed between 36°16′ N latitude and 50°00′ E longitude and is positioned about 1,800 meters above the mean sea level. The province of Qazvin covers an area of 15,567 sq. km. and features cold and dry climate.

Qazvin Province is surrounded by Gilan Province in the north, Zanjan Province to the west, Alborz Province towards east, Hamadan Province on the southwest, Markazi Province to the southeast and Mazandaran Province on the northeast.


History of Qazvin:

Qazvin served as the capital of the Persian Empire under Safavids earlier. Qazvin was earlier known as Shad Shahpur, founded by Persia king Shapur II during 250 CE.


Economy of Qazvin:

Qazvin is one of the industrial hubs of Iran houses numerous textile centres of cotton, silk, velvet, leather and one of the leading electric power plants of the country.


Landmarks in Qazvin:

  • Molasadra Bridge
  • Dehkhoda Park
  • Proma Hypermarket
  • Farzanegan High School


How to reach Qazvin?

Qazvin is well connected through the major transport facilities like road and airways with national capital Tehran and other major cities.

Qazvin houses Qazvin Airport located 15 kms from the heart of the city with flights to Tehran. The nearest international airport is Imam Khomeini International Airport, Tehran (about 160 kms distance).

There are regular buses plying between Qazvin and Tehran and buses are accessible at Qazvin City Bus Stand. Tourists can use Taxis to travel within the city.


Food, Culture and Shopping in Qazvin:

Persians are residing higher in majority in Qazvin and the natives speak Tati, Romani, Luri, Azarbaijani along with local language Persian. Qazvin is one of the cultural centres of the country houses plenty of mosques and the major mosques include Heydarieh Mosque, Soltani Mosque, Jame’ Atiq Mosque and Sanjideh Mosque.

To eat variety of Iranian traditional dishes, Qazvin is the best option. Gheime Nesar is very popular dish among the natives of Qazvin. The hotels of Qazvin serve customers with diverse Western, Iranian and Chinese dishes at reasonable prices.

Proma Hypermarket and Refah Chain Stores Co. are two top hypermarkets in Qazvin and the best shopping complexes in Qazvin include:

  • City Star
  • Ferdosi
  • Iranian


Places to see near Qazvin:


Masjed Al-nabi:

Masjed Al-nabi also called as Soltani Mosque is prominent holy place of Qazvin Muslims. It covers an area of 14000 meters and was built during Safavieh’s monarchy period.


Sanjideh Mosque:

Sanjideh Mosque is another prime mosque in Qazvin is located in the vicinity of Soltani Mosque.


Salehieh Madrasa and Mosque:

Salehieh Madrasa and Mosque is placed in Qazvin. It was constructed by Mulla Muhammad Salih Baraghani in the year 1817.


Other tourist attractions near Qazvin include:

  • Jameh Mosque
  • Peighambarieh Shrine
  • Heydarieh mosque
  • Sheikhol Islam School-Mosque
  • Eltefatieh School


Best time to visit Qazvin:

From April to September is the ideal time to visit Qazvin to visit historical sites.


Accommodation Options in Qazvin:

The hotels of Qazvin have the major facilities that include air ticket booking, swimming pool and pick up and drop facility to airport. The best hotels in Qazvin and Tehran City (about 150 kms) are as follows:

  • Alborz Hotel
  • Iran Hotel
  • Marmar Hotel
  • Ghods Hotel
  • Noiza Hotel
  • Grand Hotel
  • Hotel Varzesh
  • Amir Hotel
  • Arman Hotel
  • Arya Guest House
  • Asia Hotel
  • Azadi Grand Hotel
  • Bolour Hotel
  • Canary Hotel
  • Enghelab Hotel

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