Top Tourist Places to Visit in Rasht, Iran, Asia

Top Tourist Places to Visit in Rasht, Iran, Asia

Rasht is the capital city of Gilan Province and the largest city on the Caspian Sea coast in Iran. It is one of the major trade centres and the top tourist centres of Iran. Rasht is located about 330 kms northwest of Tehran, the capital of Iran.


Geography of Rasht:

Rasht city covers an area of 180 sq. km. and is located between 37°16′51″ N latitude and 49°34′59″ E longitude.

Rasht enjoys a humid subtropical climate and there is heavy rain fall from September till December in Rasht.


History of Rasht:

The history of Rasht dates back to 13th century. During Safavid rule, Rasht was served as a major silk trade centre of the kingdom. Mirza Kuchak Khan is one of the key persons of the Constitutional Revolution of Iran born in Rasht. Rasht witnessed the rule of Russian and British.


Economy of Rasht:

Rasht is most important trade centre of Iran and Russia. Tourism is also causative in the economy of Rasht, receives loads of overseas tourists annually from Germany, Netherland, France, Australia and Austria countries.

Landmarks in Rasht:

  • Azodi Stadium
  • Guilan Rural Heritage Museum
  • University of Guilan
  • National Library


How to reach Rasht?

The airport of Rasht named as Sardar Jangal International Airport is served by Mahan Air, Iran Air, Iran Aseman Airlines and Kish Air with daily domestic flights to Tehran and Mashhad and international flights to Dubai. Generally flights leave at early morning or afternoon from Rasht Airport. Don’t forget to enjoy the beauty of Alborz Mountains when in flight.

Rasht has good connectivity with Tehran and almost all the regions of the country through roadway by bus. Savaris or shared taxis are very common in Rasht.


Things to do in Rasht:

One of the suburbs of Rasht ‘Golsar’ houses numerous restaurants, boutiques, coffee shops and entertainment centres as well.

There is boating service available at Bandar-e-Anzali port and it costs around IR 200,000 per hour for motorboat ride.

Tourists can visit Golestan National Park, home to several beautiful birds and animals like brown bears, tigers, wild cats, deers, mountain goats and foxes.


Food and Culture in Rasht:

Rasht is home to first national library of Iran constructed during Qajar dynasty era. Gileki is the mother tongue of the natives of Rasht and Bie-pas and Bie-pish are the two dialects of Rasht. Also the locals speak Persian language.

Walnut-filled koloocheh cookies is very popular food in Rasht and Bijan’s Restaurant of Rasht offers kebab, Pasta, pizzas and meat dishes and diverse Italian dishes as well. Tourists can also enjoy traditional drinks at the small shops of Rasht.


Places to see near Rasht:


Rasht Museum:

Rasht Museum contains very ancient pictures of different animals like bulls, rams and deer.


Guilan Rural Heritage Museum:

Guilan Rural Heritage Museum is placed on Saravan- Shaft road includes the display of numerous local handicrafts.


Mirza Kouchak Khan House:

Mirza Kouchak Khan House was the residence of the Jangali leader of ‘Soviet Iran’.


Other tourist attractions near Rasht are:

  • Shahre-yaran
  • Manzariyeh
  • Tarditional Bazaar
  • Mirza Kouchak Khan Tomb
  • National Library
  • Sabz-e Meydan
  • Park-e Shahr
  • Danaye Ali
  • Golsar
  • Shahrdari


Best time to visit Rasht:

From October to February the weather remains pleasant in Rasht, so between these months one can pay a visit to Rasht.


Accommodation Options in Rasht:

The best budgeted, mid range and luxury hotels in Rasht are as follows:

  • Ordibehesht Hotel
  • Caravan Guest House
  • Azadi Homestead Hotel
  • Fajr Hotel Apartment
  • Gilan Grand Hotel
  • Kadoos Hotel
  • Karevan Homestead Hotel
  • Keivan Hotel
  • Ordibehesht Hotel
  • Pamchal Hotel
  • Pardis Hotel
  • Kadus Hotel
  • Fars Hotel
  • Ferdowsi Hotel
  • Iran Hotel

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