Best Tourist Places to Visit in Atyrau, Kazakhstan, Asia

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Atyrau, Kazakhstan, Asia

Atyrau is sited in the Kazakhstan in the province Atyrau at the north section of the Caspian Sea is situated on the opening of Ural River. The city, Atyrau is the capital of the province. Atyrau city is at a distance of 2,000 km from the countries capital city, Astana and at a distance of 2,700 km from Almaty in the west direction. Atyrau is the only transcontinental city of the country. The geographical coordinates puts the place at 47007’ N and 51053’E. The place is -20 meters above sea level.


Weather in Atyrau:

During summer season the average temperature is 430C and in winter temperature drops to -380C.


History of Atyrau:

As per historians, there existed a fort in 1645 on the banks of the Yaik River made from wood. The fort was built by a trader by name Gury Nazarov who hailed from Yaroslavi in Russia. Most of his trade links were tied to Bukhara and Khiva. In the year 1647, the fort was destroyed by tribes from neighboring region. With great determination the Guriev family again rebuilt the fort, with stones. Work of the fort commenced in the year 1647, after being destroyed, and was completed in the year 1662. During the period 1667 to 1668, rebels from neighboring regions attacked and conquered entire Atyrau region. Overtime, the importance of the fort was forgotten and in the year 1810 the fort was destroyed. Prior to the Soviet rule in the entire region, Kazakhstan, Atyrau was then known as Guriev. In During the year 1991, Kazakhstan became an independent country and the name of the place Guriev was changed to the existing name Atyrau.


People & Culture of Atyrau:  

Different communities such as Kazakhs, Tatars, Russians and Ukrainians reside in and around the city, Atyrau. Majority of the people in Atyrau speak Kazakh and Russian. There are number of cultural activities organized in the city which includes singing, drama and dancing forms an integral part of the city and renowned for oil and fish industry.


Food and Shopping at Atyrau:

Atyrau is located on Caspian Sea, being the fishing industry seafood is major cuisine but also serves pasta dish is very favorite among the locals.

Tamasha Mall in Atyrau is a well known shopping center in the Atyrau Province. Apart from this shopping center there are other shopping areas in Atyrau Provinces where one can buy products at a reasonable price.


Tourist Places in Atyrau:  

  • Manjali Mosque
  • Russian Orthodox Church
  • Atyrau National History Museum
  • Off The Beaten Path
  • Central Square of Atyrau

Means of Commutation to Atyrau:

Atyrau has well developed roadways which connect to neighboring country as well and tourists can avail the bus and taxi facilities to get around the city.

Atyrau is well connected by railways to major cities and towns in Kazakhstan and located on the south west part of the country and close to the international border. Atyrau is the last station before reaching to the border.

Atyrau is served by Atyrau Airport located at the distance of 7.5 kms from the city and operates flights arriving and departing to and from places within Kazakhstan. In addition to these domestic flights the airport caters with international flights which move to places such as Moscow, Istanbul and Amsterdam.


Accommodation Options at Atyrau

Atyrau has some good hotels catering the lodging needs of the travelers visiting the place and hotels offer good hospitality towards the tourists who visit the city. Apart from providing accommodation, hotels also offer authentic Atyrau and Kazakhstan cuisines and delicacies. Some of the hotels located in Atyrau are listed here below:

  • Renaissance Atyrau Hotel
  • River Palace Hotel
  • The Chagala Hotel
  • Europa Residence
  • Atyrau Hotel
  • Ak Zhaik Hotel
  • Hotel Victoria Palace
  • Tengri Hotel
  • Green Hotel
  • Riverside Hotel

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