Tourist Places to Visit in Baruun-Urt, Mongolia, Asia

Tourist Places to Visit in Baruun-Urt, Mongolia, Asia

Baruun-Urt is a district and the capital city of Sukhbaatar Province in Eastern Mongolia. The Baruun-Urt District covers an area of 59 sq. km. Baruun-Urt is located about 562 kms southeast of Ulan Bator, the capital city of Mongolia and is about 13 kms from the major mining plant Tomortiin Ovoo Zinc Mine.


Climate in Baruun-Urt:

Baruun-Urt is placed between latitude 46°40′53″ in the north and longitude 113°16′49″ in the east. Baruun-Urt features a semi-arid climate with very hot summers and very dry winters.


Cuisine, Culture and Shopping in Xiangkhouang:

Baruun-Urt population comprises of Buddhists citizens and migrated Muslims from Kazakhstan, Chinese and Russians. Most of the people are working in nearby Chinese owned zinc mining plantations and coal mines located northern side of the city. Baruun-Urt is one of the coldest regions of the country and it is difficult to go out of the home during winter season. Woolen cloths are must to go out.

The shopping sector of the Baruun-Urt is gradually developing in recent years and because of the visit of foreign tourists there are several China and Russian based food corners and cloth shops started their operations all over the city. Tourists can purchase handicraft products at the shop that located in the centre of the city.

The food of Baruun-Urt are slightly different than other regions of Mongolia. The natives like mixture of vegetarian and non vegetarian food. Beef, Chicken and Goat, Horse are playing major role in the usual dish of Baruun-Urt.


Connectivity to Baruun-Urt:

Baruun-Urt is placed 3 kms away from its own airport Baruun-Urt Airport. Tourists can board buses at Eastern Bus Terminal of Baruun-Urt at 8 AM to reach nearby cities as well as surrounding towns. Other than buses, minibuses and taxis are also useful to reach tourist destinations. Don’t forget to buy a ticket day before.


Places to see in Baruun-Urt:

Baruun-Urt Museum:

Baruun-Urt museum is a prime landmark as well as tourist destination of Baruun-Urt. It has a nice collection of the three ethnic tribe’s costumes of Baruun-Urt regions. Don’t forget to watch wrestling Uzemchin brass-studded jacket in the museum.


Shiliin Bogd:

Shiliin Bogd is the maximum peak in Baruun-Urt located at a height of 1778 meters from the mean level of sea.


Erdenemandal Khiid Monastery:

Erdenemandal Khiid Monastery was constructed in the year 1830, includes seven temples and more than thousand monk houses inside. Just near Erdenemandal Khiid monastery, there is one new monastery located and that is surrounded by 108 different stupas.


Tomortiin Ovoo Zinc Mine:

Tomortiin Ovoo Zinc Mine is situated about 13 kms from Baruun-Urt Town. It started its mine production operation on August 28, 2005. Most of people of the province are engaged in this mining plant to lead their life.


Other tourist attractions in Baruun-Urt are:

  • Baruun-Urt Airport
  • Sukhbaatar Square Statue


Best time to visit Baruun-Urt:

From May to July is the best time to visit Baruun-Urt of Mongolia.


Accommodation Options near Baruun-Urt:

The major hotels of Baruun-Urt have the facilities of VIP room, billiard, sauna, massage, tennis, karaoke, pub, fitness center, buffets, restaurants, wedding palace and internet facility as well. All the hotels of Baruun-Urt not included shower and bathroom in each room and only deluxe and semi deluxe hotels have these facilities. Best hotels in Baruun-Urt and nearby regions are:

  • Tansag Hotel
  • Solo Hotel
  • Khoimor Hotel
  • Bilgekh Hotel
  • Sharga Hotel
  • Crystal Hotel
  • Ikh -Uul Hotel
  • Orgikh Hotel
  • Ganga Hotel
  • Baruun-Urt Hotel
  • Erdenzaan Hotel

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