Places to Visit in Undurkhaan (Ondorkhaan), Mongolia, Asia

Places to Visit in Undurkhaan (Ondorkhaan), Mongolia, Asia

Undurkhaan also spelled as Ondorkhaan is the capital city of Khentii Province in Asian country Mongolia, about 290 kms east of national capital Ulan Bator.


Geography and Climate of Undurkhaan:

Undurkhaan is placed on the banks of Kherlen River located between 47°19′24″ N 110°39′40″ E and features a semi-arid climate with hot summers and cool winters. It is considered as the second coolest city of the country.


Economy of Undurkhaan:

The economy of Undurkhaan is based on coal mining and the important coal plant of the province Chandgana Tal coalfield is situated 53 kms away from the city.


Connectivity to Undurkhaan:

Undurkhaan is served by Ondorkhaan Airport with daily flights to national capital Ulan Bator situated just few kms away from the city. There are numerous Taxis plying between Undurkhaan and Ulan Bator regularly and costs 30,000 to 45,000 T per head depends upon the numbers of travelers.

Through Bus:

Bus is the budgeted way to travel between Ulan Bator and Undurkhaan. The buses depart from Ondorkhaan post office at 8 AM daily and tourists can reach Ulan Bator at 2 PM and it costs around 10,000T. Also Undurkhaan has good connectivity with other major regions of the country like Bor-Undu, Choibolsan, and Baruun-Urt.

Taxis are very common in Mongolia including Undurkhaan and charges 500T/kilometer.


Culture, Cuisine and Shopping in Undurkhaan:

Undurkhaan houses the population of an ethnic people from Siberia ‘Buryats’ and other communities like Khalkha and Khotgoid. The horse festival and wrestling competitions are very popular among the regions of Undurkhaan and its surroundings. Most of the people are engaged in agricultural activity for their livelihood and some people working in administrative offices and leading own business.

Buryats boots is the well known item made by Buryats ethnic people and it may costs around 60,000T per pair and some bakeries offer fluffier, colorful, and delicious Buryat bread. Other than bakeries, several super markets serve these tasty breads.

Culinary Cafe is the vegetarian food corner open from morning 11 to evening 7, offer variety of Pizzas and Burgers along with Mongolian dish. The famous restaurants in Undurkhaan include China Restaurant, Khangard and Och. All these restaurants serve customers with both Mongolian and Western Food.


Tourist Attractions in Undurkhaan:

Museum of Khentii:

Khentii Museum is the most important museum of the province located in Undurkhaan. It is open from morning 9 to evening 6 and entrance fee is 1,500 T. It has a large collection of stunning replica of Chinngis Khan’s ger and major information of Undurkhaan history. It is one of the must visit places in Undurkhaan.


Buddhist Monastery:

Buddhist Monastery is one of the beautiful monasteries of Khentii Province located in the south of Undurkhaan City and the west of Kherlen River Bridge. The beautiful structure of the monastery is a main highlight.


Khan Park:

Khan Park is situated in the centre of Undurkhaan City and it begins from the Khentil Museum and finishes at sports complex of Undurkhaan. The park contains statue of Chinngis Khan and stone image of Mongol horse.


Other tourist attractions near Undurkhaan include:

  • Turkic Balbal
  • Rashaan Rock
  • Kherlen River
  • Deluun Boldog
  • Baldan Baraivan Monastery



Best time to visit Undurkhaan:

The best time to visit Undurkhaan is between May and October.


Accommodation Options in Undurkhaan:

The facilities available in the hotels of Undurkhaan include spa, sauna, hot steam baths, room heaters and laundry services. Major hotels in Undurkhaan are as follows:

  • Public Hotel
  • Jonon Hotel
  • Governor’s Hotel
  • Erdes Hotel
  • Hotel Negdulchin
  • Khuvchiin Jonon Hotel
  • Negdelchin Hotel
  • Bayan-Undur Manal Hotel
  • Chinggis Hotel
  • Jargalan Hotel

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