Places to Visit in Kuala Terengannu, Malaysia, Asia

Places to Visit in Kuala Terengannu, Malaysia, Asia

Kuala Terengannu is the capital city of the state of Terengannu lying about 500 kms away from city of Kualalumpur surrounded by South China Sea on all three sides. Kuala Terengannu is one of the major tourist attractions in this part of the world known for heritage centers, religious sites, historical monuments and mosques. Kuala Terengannu covers a total area of 605 sq kms and coordinates with 5.20’ degree North Latitude and 103.9’ degree East Longitude.


Kuala Terengannu History:

Kuala Terengannu was initially established in the 15th century when a family of Chinese traders undertook trading activities between China and Malay Peninsula. Gradually the town grew into a prime trading center and old buildings which were present were demolished and renovated with new structures.


Tourist attractions in Kuala Terengannu:

Tourists coming to Kuala Terengannu have lots of places to visit and enjoy which are stated below.

  • Crystal Mosque is known for its marvelous buildings and fine architecture is visited by many local as well as foreign tourists all round the year.
  • Redang Marine Park Centre is one of the largest marine aquarium situated in Kuala Terengannu that has many rare collections of some of the fishes and marine creatures.
  • Batu Buruk beach attracts many visitors who come here for sunbathing and watch the sun setting over the South China Sea.
  • Pasar Payang is famous for markets and stalls which sells many kinds of fishes, seafoods and other local items.
  • Maziah Palace
  • Sultans Palace
  • State Museum
  • Masjid Kristal


Tourists visiting Kuala Terangannu can also visit the state Terangannu which has lots to offer from visitor’s point of view. Some of the attractions of Terangannu are:

  • Turtle Bay Divers
  • Seahorse Dive Centre
  • Long Beach
  • Watercolours Dive Centre
  • Bukit Kluang Beach
  • Kenyir Lake
  • Sekayu Waterfall


Climate, Cuisine and Economy of Kuala Terengannu:

Kuala Terengannu experiences tropical rainforest climate and remains hot and humid all round the year. The city undergoes dry season during months of May to June and receives heavy rainfall during November and December. At times due to heavy rains, the city also gets flooded from November to March. The main economy of Kuala Terengannu consists of agriculture, food items, fabrics, apparels, fisheries, service industries and tourism is one of the revenues for the Govt. of Malaysia. Kuala Terengannu is famous for its local cuisine keropok lekor Losong and nasi dagang. Besides other traditional dishes include rice noodles, egg noodles, seafood and soups.


Connectivity to Kuala Terengannu in Malaysia:

Kuala Terengannu is well connected by road, air and sea transport. The Sultan Mahmud Bridge built across river Terengannu connects Kuala Terengannu with rest of the state. Bus services are available from Kuala Terengannu to nearby cities and suburbs at regular intervals. One can also take a ferry service from Kuala Terengannu to reach other ports located in Malaysia. Taxis, cabs and vans are available in plenty from Kuala Terengannu to airport and nearby places. Kuala Terengannu is also connected by air and the nearest airport is Sultan Mahmud Airport where many domestic and international flights arrive and depart on daily basis.


Hotels in Kuala Terengannu:

Being a major tourist destination in this part of the country, the department of Malaysian tourism has built many hotels and suites of international standards catering to the accommodation facilities of the tourists coming to the city from time to time. Hotels range from 1 star to 6 star offering hosts of world class amenities and facilities. List of hotels located in Kuala Terengannu is as follows:


  • Redangkalong Resort
  • Ming Paragon Hotel & Spa
  • Ri-Yaz Heritage Resort and Spa
  • Felda Residence Kuala Terengganu
  • Sumai Suite Hotel
  • Kuala Terengannu Travelers Inn
  • Redang Pelangi Resort
  • Redang Bay Resort
  • Scout Inn Resort
  • Hotel Grand Continental
  • Hotel Tanjong Vista
  • Peladang Setiu Agro Resort

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