Tourist Places to Visit in Shymkent, Kazakhstan, Asia

Tourist Places to Visit in Shymkent, Kazakhstan, Asia

Shymkent is sited on the Asian continent in the country, Kazakhstan towards the south in the province, South Kazakhstan. The city, Shymkent is the capital city of south Kazakhstan province. The translation of the word Shymkent into English means ‘Turf City’. Shymkent city is at a distance of 1,640 km from the countries capital city, Astana and spans over an area of 117,300km2. Shymkent is 506 meters above sea level. The geographical coordinates puts the place at 42019’0” N and 69035’45” E.


Climate in Shymkent:

Shymkent has hot, relatively dry summers and cold winters and during summer season the average temperature is 410C and in winter temperature drops to -10C.


History of Shymkent:

During the 12th century, Shymkent was basically a one stop point or a resting area for long distance travelers or traders who used the Silk route in the town of Sayaram. As the years passed on the region became a center for trading between the present Middle East and European countries. The region was invaded and plundered many times by the rulers of neighboring Kingdom. In the year 1864, the entire region of Shymkent was under the Russian Empire rule. In the year 1914, the place was named Chernyaev.

There was a Soviet Union Government Agency in the adjoining area of Shymkent. This agency was in charge of keeping an eye on the political prisoners and other non supporters who were imprisoned in temporary jails during the Stalin rule in Russia. Many of these prisoners were Russian nationalists. The name was changed to Shymkent after the formation of the independent country, Kazakhstan.


Tourist Places in Shymkent:  


Otyrar is a historical site and major archaeological research is carried out in Otyrar on listed in the World Cultural Heritage Site.


Arystan-Bab Mausoleum:

It is one of the historical monuments, which was built between 14th-15th centuries but in the year 1909 it was renovated and visited by number of tourists throughout the year.


Abai Park:

Park is designed for the public entertainment like memorials, tanks, ferris wheel, statue, water park and garden which is visited by local populaces throughout the year.


Other Places to Visit in Shymkent:

  • Victory Park
  • Central Park
  • Museum of Repression
  • Afghan War Memorial
  • Al-Farabi Square


Means of Commutation to Shymkent:

Shymkent has roadways connecting to various parts of the country and long distance buses are available from Shymkent to places within Kazakhstan such as Astana, Turkistan, Karaganda, Almaty, Kyzylorda and Taraz and to get around the city tourists can avail shared taxi and taxi facilities.

Shymkent is well connected by railways and stations are located at the distance of 3 kms from center of the city. There are daily train services within the country, Kazakhstan such as Astana, Almaty, Atyrau, Aktau, Aqtobe, Kyzylorda, Turkistan and Taraz. There are cross-border trains commuting passengers to Moscow.

The  Shymkent International Airport is sited at a distance of 12 kms from the city caters to flights arriving and departing to and from places within Kazakhstan such as Almaty, Aktau, Astana and Aktau. There are also international flights fro and to countries like Istanbul and few places in Russia.


Accommodation Options at Shymkent:

There are many good hotels located in Shymkent that range from economy, standard and luxury hotels providing host of facilities and services. Shymkent is one of the popular tourist destinations in Kazakhstan, the hotels offer warmth hospitality to the tourists visiting the city from time to time. Some of the facilities accessible by the hotels include spa, room heaters, air coolers, laundry and ironing services, airport shuttle etc. List of some of the hotels situated in Shymkent are:

  • Canvas Hotel Shymkent
  • Klara Center Sapar
  • Orbita Boutique Hotel
  • Hotel Sapar
  • Hotel Shymkent
  • Astana Hotel
  • Bayan Hotel
  • Hotel Baymyrza-Sapar
  • Dostyk Hotel

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