Pleiku Tourist Places to Visit in Pleiku, Vietnam, Asia

Pleiku Tourist Places to Visit in Pleiku, Vietnam, Asia

Pleiku is a town in Gia Lai Province situated in central part of Vietnam. Pleiku covers an area of 261 Sq Kms is a historical city and most of the populace of the region depend of farming for their living and Pleiku is well-known among the tourists.

Pleiku is surrounded by Mang Yang, Dak Doa, Dak So Mei, Phu Hoa, Chu Pah, Kon Gang, Chu Se, Chur Prong and La Kha is positioned at the distance of 1,250 Kms from Hanoi, capital of Vietnam and coordinates of Pleiku are 13.9833° N, 108.0000° E.


Tourism in Pleiku:

Pleiku is visited by local tourists and the town was the part of Vietnam War and there are few museums, lakes, waterfall, temples and mountains in and around the town which are visited by local tourists and restaurants are located along the roads which offer traditional Vietnamese cuisines.


Places to visit in Pleiku:

Bien Ho:

Bien Ho is located at the distance of 3 Kms from center of the city is one of the natural lakes in the town bounded by greenery is visited by numerous local tourists.


Minh Thanh Pagoda:

Minh Thanh Pagoda is located in center of the city is one of the oldest pagodas in the town and pagoda is situated close to the temple is visited by number of devotees throughout the year.


Ho Chi Minh Museum:

This Museum is situated in the city and museum is devoted to Uncle Ho displays the contribution of Anh Hung Nup, a local hero who fought against the French and American Army.


Gia Lai Museum:

This museum is situated at the distance of 2 Kms from center of the town and showcases the artifacts of hill tribe and photographs of Pleiku’s role during the American War.


Dong Xanh:

Dong Xanh is one of the most visited sites in the Pleiku town is located in the close proximity to the town and home for Water Park, fossilized trees and small zoo is situated in the Dong Xanh.


Other places to in Pleiku:

  • Yaly Falls
  • Kon Ka Kinh Forest
  • Xung Khoeng Waterfall
  • Phu Cuong Waterfall
  • Da Trang
  • Mo Springs
  • Ayaun Ha Lake

Best Time to Visit Pleiku:

Pleiku is situated in central part of Vietnam and the best time to visit Pleiku is between the months of October to March.


How to Reach Pleiku?

By Air:

Pleiku is served by Pleiku Airport located at the distance of 5 Kms from center of the city and airport serves with domestic flights to Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Vinh and Da Nang and from airport tourists can avail taxis or bus services to reach tourist destinations.


By Train:

The nearest railway station to Pleiku is Ga Quy Nhon Railway Station located at the distance of 166 Kms and railway line connects Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City.


By Road:

Pleiku has well developed road network and tourists can avail the bus services from various cities from central Vietnam to Pleiku frequently and other local transportations include taxis, minivans, cyclo, motorcycles and bicycles.


Where to Stay in Pleiku?

Pleiku is not prominent among the tourists but there are hotels located in the city for all the kinds of tourists, budget, standard and mid range hotels can be found in the town, which cost from $ 10 to $ 100 and above per night and provides some of the basic amenities. Some of the hotels in Pleiku are listed here below:

  • Hagl Hotel Pleiku
  • Tre Xanh Plaza Hotel
  • Se San Hotel
  • Duc Long Gia Lai Hotel
  • Hoang Anh Gia Lai Hotel
  • Pleiku Hotel
  • Highland Hotel
  • Hung Vuong Hotel
  • Diamong Hotel Resort
  • Thuan Hai Hotel
  • Duc Vuong Hotel
  • Bamboo Green Hotel

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