Tourist Places to Visit in Stepanavan, Armenia, Asia

Tourist Places to Visit in Stepanavan, Armenia, Asia

Stepanavan is a city in the Lori Province, Armenia. Stepanavan used to be the most renowned magnetisms during the Soviet epoch. The city was established in the 12th century and was positioned on the basin of river Dzoraget, the affirmation is provided by the Surb Sargis Armenian Apostolic cathedral in the heart of the city. The terrain was abode to the realm of Lori during the 10th century when the citadel of Lori was structured. The geographical coordinates of Stepanavan is 41°00′34.65″ N 44°23′2.71″ E and the city spans over 14 km2 (5 sq mi) and positioned 1375 meters above sea level. Stepanavan is about 24 kms from Vanadzor and 140 kms away from Yerevan, the capital city of Armenia.

Stepanavan City Landmarks

  • Panoramic view of Stepanavan
  • Dzoraget River
  • Stepanavan Dendropark
  • Stepanavan city centre
  • Debed River Bridge
  • The old Russian church of Amrakits

Tourist Attractions in Stepanavan

River Dzoraget

River Dzoraget is positioned in the Debeda hydrological area in the Lori section of Armenia. It instigates in the Bazum Peaks and streams from the west side to eastward throughout the splendid ravines in the vicinity of Stepanavan. Lastly it combines with the river Debed close by Dzoragyukh.

Lori Berd

Lori Berd is a hamlet in the Lori region, Armenia. It is positioned to the east of Stepanavan. The spot of the medieval citadel “Lori Berd” that is placed on an isthmus in parallel with the unfathomable ravines such as Tashir and Dzoraget that passes through the place.

Stepanavan Dendropark

Stepanavan Dendropark is a grange positioned in the vicinity of the Gyulagarak parish in Lori province, Armenia. It was constructed in the year 1993 by Edmon Leonovich. The grange is spread over the area 35 about which 17.5 sq km is encompassed by the natural lush green vegetation and 15 sq. km of decorated vegetation. The grange houses numerous genuses of plant vegetation. Genuses are perceived from different parts of the globe such as U.S.A, Portugal, China, Germany and France.


Sanahin Monastery

Sanahin Monastery is the most ancient monastery recognized during the 10th century in the Lori region, Armenia. Sanahin in Armenian lingo means “this one is older than that one”. Thousands of American populaces come down to this place to enjoy the splendid appeal of the monastery. It is a section of the Armenian Apostolic Church with several khachkars and bishop catacombs speckled all over the place.


Haghpat Monastery

Haghpat Monastery is a medieval Armenian ethnic center. Haghpat Monastery is acknowledged as the “magnum opus of sanctified structural design and a chief core of erudition in the Middle epochs”. It has been recognized as the World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The ethnic center was established by Saint Nishan during the 10th century under the realm of King Abas I. The monastery has been renovated several times and populaces around the world come to visit this stunning splendor which has the combination of essentials of Byzantine religious structural design and the conventional native structural design of the Caucasian section.


Vanadzor is just around 70 km from the city. It houses many tourist appeals such as House-Museum, Vanadzor Market, Holy Mother of God Church and Hayk Square.

Best season to visit Stepanavan

The climate during the summer is very gentle and warm at Stepanavan. It is the best time for tourists to visit this place. There is moderate rainfall in the monsoon season. The climate in the winter season tends to be very cold and not advised for holiday trips.

Accessibility to Stepanavan

Public and private transportations provide ample of buses from Lori prefecture to Stepanavan. Lori region is well connected by buses to the capital city Yerevan. One can hire private taxis to go around the city. Stepanavan is about 140 kms from Yerevan, the capital city and about 25 kms from Vanadzor and 85 kms from Gyumri and well connected with multiple mode of transit throughout the world.

Accommodation options in Stepanavan

Stepanavan hotels and resorts rooms are designed as per the luxury of the tourists with plenty of services and facilities. Some of the hotels are in Stepanavan are listed here below.

  • Tufenkian Avan Dzoraget Hotel
  • Armenia Vanadzor Spa and Hotel Complex
  • Hotel Laguna
  • Debed Hotel
  • Vanadzor Hotel & Spa
  • Hotel Argishti
  • Gugark Hotel
  • Gayane Hotel
  • Dilijan Resort
  • Nane Hotel
  • Berlin Polyclinic & Art Hotel
  • Hotel Kecharis
  • Hotel Multi Rest House

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