Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Navoi, Uzbekistan, Asia

Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Navoi, Uzbekistan, Asia

During medieval period, Navoi was under the rule of Emirate of Bukhara and was then known as Kermine. In 1958 the place name was changed to the current name, Navoi in remembrance of the poet Ali-Shir Navoi. Navoi city is situated at the southwest end of Uzbekistan country in the province Navoiy. Navoiy is 382 meters above sea level and its coordinates are 4005’4” N and 65022’45” E. Navoiy province is rich in natural gas and precious metal such as gold.


People & Culture of Navoi  

Navoi has rich culture such as music, poetry, the dressing pattern and the various houses with wonderful architectures. People are religious and hardworking.


Food and Shopping at Navoi

Food items like the local specialties and those of the European cuisines are served in restaurants and hotels in Navoi. There are also coffee bars offering a range of coffee drinks with snacks at low price.


Tourist Places in Navoi  

  • Sarmyshsaya

46 km away from Navoi city located among the valley of Tau in the south is an excavated archeological site Sarmyshsaya where tourists can view ancient Cave paintings. There is also a gallery displaying various structures of rock art.


  • South Park

Spread over an area of sixteen hectares in the east of Navoi Province is one of the most cherished holiday destinations in Navoi Province, the ‘South Park’. The park has unique outdoor swimming pool, winter and summer theaters and various other amusements.


  • Caravanserai Rabat Malik

Caravanserai Rabat Malik was built in the 11th century along the Great Silk Road which was used by travelers and traders in ancient times for exporting and importing goods from faraway countries.


  • Kyaryzes

Kyaryzes is a system of galleries and wells through which underground water is brought to the surface using the effects of gravitational force. This well maintained system is found at Nurata which is 72.5 km away from Navoi.


  • Nur Fortress

Nur fortress located in Khiva is a magnificent fortress built by Alexander the Great in 327 B.C.


Means of Commutation to Navoi


Opened in the year 1962, under the Soviet Union era, Navoiy International Airport operates passenger as well as cargo flights coming from and leaving to places such Mumbai, UAE(Dubai), Istanbul, Moscow, Vienna, Seoul-Incheon, Zaragoza, Tashkent, Brussels, etc,. The airport is 25 km away from Navoi city.



There are trains commuting passengers from Navoi Railway station to places across Uzbekistan such as Tashkent, Bukhara, Urgench, Karshi, Kungrad, etc. There are also international trains traversing to destinations located in countries such as Moscow, Kazakhstan, Middle East, Iran and China. The railway station is located in Navoi city at Janubiy Street which is 2.9 km.



Connectivity from Navoi to various places in the country of Uzbekistan is well achieved through a network of roadways. There are agencies renting cars to tourists at a nominal charge starting from $60 per day to tourists. Tourists can also use the city bus in which the minimum fare for a ticket is priced at $1.


Accommodation Options at Navoi

To make a tourists vacation a memorable one in Navoi there are three star hotels with outstanding facilities in Navoi. Classically furnished spacious rooms, free parking, air conditioned rooms, car on hire, sauna, spa and beauty salons are some of the amenities provided in three star hotels at Navoi with a rental price of $ 200 per day. Economy hotels are also available at Navoi for a daily charge of $60 for single room and $80 for double room:

  • Silk Road Hotel
  • Grand-M
  • Hotel Zarafshan, Zarafshan
  • Hotel Yoshlik
  • Le Meridien Tashkent Palace Hotel, Tashkent
  • Amulet Madrassah Hotel, Bukhara
  • Bukhara Palace, Bukhara
  • Amelia Boutique Hotel, Bukhara
  • Malika Bukhara Hotel, Bukhara
  • Avicenna Hotel, Bukhara

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