Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Tohid, Iran, Asia

Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Tohid, Iran, Asia

Tohid Tunnel is a tunnel placed in Tehran in Iran. It is considered as the 3rd largest and longest city tunnel in Middle East. Tohid Tunnel is 3 kms in length and the construction was completed in less than 30 months. The tunnel includes 1,064 lights powered at 550 KW and passes through Chamran Highway, Towheed Square, Jomhouri Square and Navab Highway. The construction work of Tohid Tunnel was started on 19-06-2007.


The features of Tohid Tunnel:

  • Intercom telephones
  • Traffic alarms
  • Highway closing facility
  • Vehicles counter
  • Closed-Circuit TV
  • Smart firefighting facility
  • Air pollution sensors
  • Thermal sensors
  • Traffic signals


Get in:

Tohid Tunnel is located in Tehran City and moves along Chamran Highway, Towheed Square, Jomhouri Square and Navab Highway.

Tehran city is served by Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport located 50 kms away from the city with regular air services to European, African and Asian cities especially Middle East cities. Iran Air operates air services to and from London, Amsterdam, Vienna, Istanbul and Tokyo.

Tehran is well connected with Istanbul city through train and the train departs at 11.55 PM from Istanbul to Tehran. There are daily trains available at Tehran Railway Station to and from Mashhad, Isfahan, Tabriz, Kerman, Yazd, Sari, Gorgan, and Ahvaz.


Get around:

Tourists can use bus or taxi to reach Tohid Tunnel and to move within the city. The major bus terminals in Tehran are:

  • Western Bus Terminal
  • Eastern Bus Terminal
  • Southern Bus Terminal
  • Beihaghi Bus Terminal

Tehran has a well developed and maintained metro train system and from5:30 AM to 11 PM metro trains are available. Motorcycle taxi is another chef mode of transportation.


Places to see near Tohid Tunnel:

The Azadi Tower:

The Azadi Tower is located in the centre of Tehran city, constructed in the honor of the 2,500th anniversary of the Persian Empire.


Golestan Palace:

Golestan Palace is a historical palace in Tehran houses museums, community hall and statues.


Milad Tower:

Milad Tower is the 4th tallest tower and 12th self-supporting structure in the world.


Niavaran Palace:

Niavaran Palace is an ancient complex contains The Sahebqraniyeh Palace, a museum and few small buildings.


Safir Office Machines Museum:

Safir Office Machines Museum was built by Frashad Kamalkhani in the year 2008. It contains different ancient machines.


Crown Jewels of Iran:

Crown Jewel of Iran is one of the favorite destinations of Tehran ladies. It is situated near Central Bank of Iran includes a greater collection of diverse jewels.


Reza Abbasi Museum:

Reza Abbasi Museum is named in the memory of the famous artist in the Safavid period Reza Abbasi. It has the collection of artifacts between 2nd millennium BC to the early 20th century.


The list of other tourist attractions near Tohid Tunnel:

  • Ebrat Museum
  • Money Museum
  • Time Museum
  • Saadabad Palace
  • Darabad Museum of Natural History
  • National Museum of Iran
  • Talar Vahdat Theater
  • Tehran Theater of the Performing Arts
  • Iran’s National Rug Gallery
  • Glassware Museum of Tehran
  • Sa’d Abad Gallery of Fine Arts
  • Kolahstudio-an Art Basement


Accommodation Options near Tohid Tunnel:

Following is the updated list of few of the reputed hotels:

  • Keshavarz Guest House
  • Kowsar Hotel
  • Laleh Hotel
  • Khayyam Hotel
  • Madar Boarding House
  • Marlik Hotel
  • Mashhad Guest House
  • Nader Hotel
  • Khazar Sea Guest House
  • Kian Hotel
  • Mar Mar Hotel
  • New Naderi Hotel
  • Parasto Hotel
  • Tehransara Hotel
  • Tehran Kowsar Hotel
  • Shohreh Hotel APT

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