Tourist Places to Visit in Nasiriyah, Iraq, Asia

Tourist Places to Visit in Nasiriyah, Iraq, Asia

Nasiriyah also written as Nassiriya or Nasiriya is the capital city of Dhi Qar Governorate in Iraq. The city of Nasiriyah is located about 356 kms from Bagdad, the capital of Iraq. Nasiriyah was founded in the year 1840 and has a population of Shia Muslims, Mandaean and Sunni Muslim communities. Nasiriyah is placed between latitude 31°03′ in the north and longitude 46°16′ in the east.

Boatbuilding, carpentry and silver working are the occupations of the natives of Nasiriyah. The major landmarks of Nasiriyah include Nasiriyah Water Treatment Plant and The City Museum. Nasiriyah experience a desert climate.


History of Nasiriyah:

Nasiriyah was formed by Sheikh Nasir Al Sadoon of the Muntafiq ethnic association in 1872 and the city named in the memory of him. Nasiriyah witnessed the World War I during the beginning of 20th century.


Food, Culture and Shopping in Nasiriyah:

Nasiriyah natives have good hand in preparing non vegetarian dish. Okra, onion, potato, courgette, spinach, leeks, artichokes, plums, figs and melons are the commonly used staple food in Nasiriyah. The mouthwatering special dish in Nasiriyah include Hummus, Kibbeh, Sarma, Pastırma, Biryani, Khichdi, Mujaddara, Quzi and Geimar.

Nasiriyah people give equal importance to both national and religious festivals. The religious festivals like Muharram, Ed ul Fitar and Ramzan are celebrated with great enthusiasm and fervor by the locals of Nasiriyah. The population of Muslim is very high in all the regions of Nasiriyah.

Nasiriyah is packed with full of modern shopping centres of cloth, jeweler and daily usable product centres. Also Nasiriyah houses handicraft and archeological product shops, Chinese, Italian and Japanese food corners.


Connectivity to Nasiriyah:

Nasiriyah is served by Basra International Airport located about 190 kms from the centre of Nasiriyah city. Other than airways, Nasiriyah has a good connectivity with the important cites like Basra, Erbil, Bagdad, Karbala, Kirkuk and Mosul through well maintained roadways. There are luxury buses accessible at Nasiriyah to reach Bagdad and Basra City and also taxis play a major mode of transport in Nasiriyah.


Places to see in Nasiriyah:


The City Museum:

The City Museum is one of the prime attractions of Nasiriyah located in centre of the city. It contains a large collection of Sumerian, Assyrian, Babylonian, and Abbasid historical objects. It is surrounded by several famous food corners and mosques.


Ziggurat of Ur:

Ziggurat of Ur is a very famous tourist destination among the regions of Nasiriyah located about 20 km from Nasiriyah City centre. It was built by King Ur-Nammu.


Imam Ali Mosque:

Imam Ali Mosque also called as Masjid Ali is one of the holy places of Iraq in Najaf and is placed about 160 kms from Nasiriyah. It is said that, the Iranian ruler the Daylamite Fannakhosraw Azod ad Dowleh built this Mosque in 977. Imam Ali Mosque was rebuilt in the year 1086 by Seljuk Malik Shah after being damaged by fire.


Other tourist attractions present in Nasiriyah are:

  • The Great Mosque of Samarra
  • Great Mosque of Kufa
  • Lake Habbaniyah
  • Hanging Gardens of Babylon
  • Baghdad Zoo
  • Lake Habbaniyah


Best time to visit Nasiriyah:

During the months of winter season plan your holiday to Nasiriyah to visit historical worship places.


Accommodation Options in Nasiriyah:

  • Urk Hotel
  • UR Hotel
  • Zamzam Hotel
  • Shabbad Hotel
  • Al Rasheed Hotel
  • Coral Boutique Hotel Baghdad
  • Rimal Hotel
  • Palestine International Hotel
  • Masbah Plaza Hotel
  • Uruk Hotel
  • Arasat Palace Hotel
  • Cristal Grand Ishtar Hotel

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