Basra Tourist Places to Visit in Basra, Iraq, Asia

Basra Tourist Places to Visit in Basra, Iraq, Asia

Basra also spelled as Basrah is the capital city of Basra Governorate in Iraq. It is located on the borders of Iran and Kuwait which occupies an area of 181 sq. km. and is placed at an altitude of 5 meters. Basra had a population of 2,009,767 according to 2012 Iraqi Census. It is said that, Basra was founded in 636 CE and contributed a major role in initial Islamic history.

Basra ranks second in the area and the population after Bagdad in Iraq. Basra is situated about 552 km southeast of national capital Bagdad and is placed between 30°30′ N latitude and 47°49′ E longitude. Basra features a hot desert climate.

Basra is playing an important role in the economy of Iraq. Basra houses most of the oil reserves of the country and also has big hand in producing agricultural products like maize, corn, barley, pearl millet, wheat, dates and rice. Ali Bin Abi Talib mosque, Basra Sports City and Basra International Hotel are the main landmarks of Basra.


History of Basra:

There are several theories about the origin of name Basra. One source claim that, Basra derives its name from Akkadian language and another source argues that, Basra got its name from the Persian word ‘Bas-rah’. Basra was formed in 636 CE and is popularly called as “the mother of Iraq”, “the prosperous city” and “the reservoir of Arabs”.


Cuisine, culture and shopping in Basra:

The higher majority of Basra population is filled with tribal Arabs of the Adnanite or the Qahtanite communities. Bani Asad, Bani Ka’ab, Bani Malik, Shammar, Bani Khalid, Bani Sa’ad, Al-shwelat `Anizzah, Suwa’id, Al-bo Mohammed and Bani Tamim are the major tribes are living in Basra. Basra also houses a minority of Christians and Afro-Iraqi citizens.

Non vegetarian staple food like mutton, chicken and fish are playing a major role in the daily dish of Basra natives. Other than non vegetarian food items, the locals use the spicy and dairy items namely Baladi cheese, Jibneh Arabieh, Lahmacun, Jameed, Labaneh, Khubz, Lavash, Sammoun and Markook.

Basra is rapidly developing in shopping sector along with industrialization and tourism. The shops that located in Basra have the ability to fulfill the requirement of foreign tourists with upgraded facilities. Basra has well maintained road network and this will help to tourists to travel all around the city.


Connectivity to Basra;-

Basra is the second biggest country of Iraq and has good connectivity with all the regions of the country and the nearby countries Kuwait and Iran as well. Basra hosts one of the important international airports of the country with connection to Bagdad city served by Iraqi Airways situated at a distance of 13 kms from the city centre. Taxis and Buses are good options to move within the city and to reach tourist destinations as well.


Places to see in Basra:


Sayyed Ali al-Musawi Mosque:

Sayyed Ali al-Musawi Mosque also called as ‘the Mosque of the Children of Amer’ placed on Al-Gazear Street in the heart of Basra City. It was constructed for Sayyed Ali al-Moussawi, the leader of Shia Imami’s.


The Fun City of Basrah:

The Fun City of Basrah presently known as Basra Land situated in Basra City. This oldest entertainment park has a variety of game options.


Akhora Park:

Akhora Park is one of the ancient parks in Basra City placed in Al-Basra Street. It is surrounded by several famous star hotels.


Other tourist attractions near Basra are as follows:

  • Indian Market
  • Hanna-Sheikh Bazaar
  • The Latin Church
  • Corniche al-Basra
  • Palm tree forests
  • Sayab’s House
  • Sinbad Island
  • Ali Bin Abi Talib mosque


Best time to visit Basra:

From October to March is the great time to reach Basra.


Accommodation Options in Basra:

Basrah International Hotel is only a five star hotel in Basra city and other famous star hotels in Basra city are:

  • El Rahaal Hotel
  • BSC Hotel
  • Manawi Basha Hotel
  • Basrah Airport Hotel
  • Qaser Al-Sultan Hotel
  • Shat Al Arab Hotel
  • Hamdan Hotel
  • Sultan’s Palace Hotel

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