Tourist Places to Visit in Az Zubayr, Iraq, Asia

Tourist Places to Visit in Az Zubayr, Iraq, Asia

Az Zubayr also known as Zubair is situated between 30°23′ N latitude and 47°42′ E longitude in Basra Governorate in Iraq. The name Az Zubayr is also spelled as Zoubair, Az Zubair, Zobier or El Zubair. Az Zubayr is situated about 24 kms from Basra City and about 538 km southwest of national capital Baghdad.


History of Az Zubayr:

Az Zubayr was ruled by Ottoman Empire and Zand Dynasty for a very long time and it also witnessed the World War I.


Food, Culture and Shopping in Az Zubayr:

The food habits of Az Zubayr are slightly similar to other Arab countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran and Kuwait. The special dish of Az Zubayr include Baba ghanoush, Hummus, Muhammara, Tzatziki, Dolma, Falafel, Kibbeh, Kofta and Manti.

Fesenjan, Ghormeh sabzi, Lentil soup, Qeema, Masgouf, Pomegranate soup and Tashrib are the special soups and stews of Az Zubayr.

The higher majority of people living in Az Zubayr are Muslims and Az Zubayr is also home to Christians and other religion citizens. The people of Az Zubayr speak Kurdish, Arabic and South Azeri. Ali Bin Abi Talib mosque is one of the main worship places of Iraq located in Basra, about 24 kms from Az Zubayr.

After the end of dictatorship of Ba’ath Party in Iraq, all the regions of Iraq headed towards development. Az Zubayr houses plenty of shopping centers, handicraft shops and retail outlets and also home to Iran, Saudi Arabia and Western countries dish restaurants.


Connectivity to Az Zubayr:

Az Zubayr is served by Basrah International Airport situated at a distance of 35 kms. It is well connected with other Middle East cities like Dubai, Istanbul, Beirut and Amman through airways. Also there is train service accessible from Basra to Baghdad City. Taxis are good to travel all around city and to reach tourist destinations at reasonable rent.


Tourist attractions near Az Zubayr:


Sayyed Ali al-Musawi Mosque:

Sayyed Ali al-Musawi Mosque is situated in Basra, about 30 kms from Az Zubayr city. It was constructed in the reminiscence of Shia Imami’s leader Sayyed Ali al-Moussawi.


Sinbad Island:

Sinbad Island is a prime tourist spot of Basra located 28 kms away from Az Zubayr. It is visited by most numbers of tourists from all over the country and nearby countries like Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.


Sayab’s House:

Sayab’s House was the residence of famous poet Badr Shakir al-Sayyab. It has a one statue of Sayab.


Basrah Land:

Basrah Land is one of the ancient theme parks of amusements in Southern Iraq. It was earlier known as ‘Fun city of Basrah’.


Hanna-Sheikh Bazaar:

Hanna-Sheikh Bazaar is an ancient market established by popular Hanna-Sheikh family.


Other tourist attractions near Az Zubayr include:

  • The old mosque of Basra
  • Palm tree forest
  • Corniche al-Basra
  • Indian market


Ideal time to visit Az Zubayr:

Between October and May is the best time to visit Az Zubayr.


Accommodation options in Az Zubayr:

Hotels located near Az Zubayr are very much famous for their variety of food from different regions like Kuwait, Taiwan, India, China, Thailand and Australia. Also hotels provide facilities of laundry, fitness centre, internet connectivity, air ticket booking, pick up and drop to Airport and swimming pool. The best hotels in and around Az Zubayr are:

  • Sultan’s Palace Hotel
  • Hamdan Hotel
  • Qaser Al-Sultan Hotel
  • Shat Al Arab Hotel
  • Basrah Airport Hotel
  • Manawi Basha Hotel
  • El Rahaal Hotal
  • Basrah International Hotel

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