Termez Tourist Places to Visit in Termez, Uzbekistan, Asia

Termez Tourist Places to Visit in Termez, Uzbekistan, Asia

Located in the south of Uzbekistan and close to the borders of Afghanistan, Termez is the capital city of Surxondaryo province. According to Sogdian language Termez means “place of transition”. Termez is located at latitude 37013’ N and longitude 67017’ E. The weather in Termez is very hot in summers and cool in winters. The maximum temperature in summer season is 510 C and minimum temperature in winter season is -0.30 C. Winter season is the best time for visiting Termez i.e. from December month to January month.


History of Termez

During the 1st to 3rd century B.C, Termez was ruled by the Kushan Empire. At this time Buddhist culture flourished in Termez. Generations after generations many palaces and monuments were built in and around the Termez city in medieval period. All this still exists in Termez.


Tourist Places in Termez


  • Kyrk-Kyz Fortress


Kyrk-Kyz fortress was constructed between 9th and 14th century is situated on the outskirts of Termez. Within this fortress is located a palace with amazing architecture.


  • Termez Archeological Museum


Present within Termez Archeological Museum are monuments dating to the Kushan period, coins and stamps of various medieval rulers, utensils obtained from various excavation works in Termez and many more ancient artifacts on display to tourists.


  • Architectural Ensemble Sultan Saodat


This complex was created between 9th and 17th century in memory of Sultan Saodat close to the burial point of Termez sayyids.


  • Fayaz-Tepe Buddhist Monastery


In 1963, during excavation works Fayaz-Tepe Buddhist Monastery was discovered by an archaeologist at Kara-Tepa hill in old Termez.


  • Zurmala Tower


Constructed by use of square bricks with a distinctive stamp, this stupa was created in 3rd century A.D and as per archeologists this structure dates back to the golden age.

Other remarkable tourist destinations of interest in Termez are:

  • Architectural Complex of Al Hakim At-Termizi
  • Palace of Termez Rulers
  • Kokildora Khanaka
  • Isa At-Tirmidhi Mausoleum
  • Zul Kifl Mausoleum


Means of Commutation to Termez


To connect Termez with the rest of the world Termez Airport operates flights in and out of Uzbekistan. There are flights to and fro Moscow and Tashkent. The airport is 14 km away from Termez city.



Termez Railway station is 10.5 km away from Termez city. Every alternate day there is night train available from Tashkent Railway station to Termez Railway station at 9 pm.



Termez is easily accessible via road from other provinces in Uzbekistan. If you plan to enter Termez from Afghanistan then you need to hire a taxi to Hairatan from where you need to cross the border by foot.


Accommodation Options at Termez

There are three star and four star hotels at Termez with spacious and airy rooms. These hotels offer outstanding services and various amenities such as free breakfast, swimming pool, closed circuit TV, safe deposit box etc, to tourists at a price range of $180 to $220 per day. Tourist can also come across hotels with air conditioned single room rented at cost of $60 and double room at $80 at Termez. List of hotels in and near Termez is as follows:

  • Meridian Hotel
  • Hotel Akmal Kholis
  • Ulugbek Hotel
  • Kok Goumbaz, Karabag
  • Ak Sarai
  • Hotel Hayot

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