Tourist Places to Visit in Namangan, Uzbekistan, Asia

Tourist Places to Visit in Namangan, Uzbekistan, Asia

In the country of Uzbekistan towards the northeast in the valley of Fergana, Namangan happens to be the second-biggest city and the center for administration of the Namangan province. Located at 41000’04” N and 71040’06” E, Namangan covers a landmass of 91 km2. Namangan is 476 meters above the sea level. Salt mines are found in most of the places of Namangan. The river Syr Darya is formed by the confluence of the two rivers Naryn and Qoradaryo at the outskirts of Namangan. During the summer period temperatures can soar up to 350 C while in winter the temperature can fall to -100 C. The onset of winter in the month of November and the beginning of summer season in month of February are most favorable for spending vacation at Namangan.


History of Namangan

In the medieval period, people from Iran migrated into Namangan and settled down. They were known as Soghdian Iranic. In the year 1867, Namangan was under the Khanate of Kokand after Russia invaded Uzbekistan. Many madrassahs were opened during the Russian settlement and hence Namangam became an important Islamic education center. After the year 1991, Islamic schools received funds from various Middle-east countries.


Food and Shopping at Namangan

Traditional food of Namangan especially in winter comprises of dry fruits, noodles, and vegetables blended with hot spices. Mutton, beef and horse meat form part of the non-vegetarian diet. In summer fruits such as lemons, apricots, grapes, etc. form part of the diet.


Tourist Places in Namangan  

  • Khudoyar Khan Palace


Created in the year 1870, Khudoyar Khan Palace took seven years into the making. Artists from neighboring places of Namangan were made to work on the construction of the palace.


  • Mosque of Ota Valikhan Tur


Mosque of Ota Valikhan Tur is the biggest of all mosques in the entire Central Asia.


  • Namangan Natural History Museum


This museum displays antiques and various relics of the past history of Namangan. As one walks into this museum history seems to come alive.


  • Hadja Amin Kabri Architectural Complex


Hadja Amin Kabri Architectural Complex was built using a material known as terra-cotta in between the 18th and 19th century.


  • Akhsykent Ruins


According to archeologists, civilization existed in the first century at Akhsykent, a place 26 km from Namangan.


Means of Commutation to Namangan


The airport at Namangan is at a distance of 11 km from the main city of Namangan. Flights arrive at and depart from Namangan Airport to places in other countries such as Ekaterinburg, Moscow, St. Petersburg and Tashkent. There are also flights to places such as Yekaterinburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Krasnoyarsk-Yemelyanovo and Krasnodar.



Till recent times there is no railway station or connectivity in Namangan. Plans are on to develop a rail link in Fergana city which is close to Namangan.



Namangan can be accessed via roadways from places situated within the country of Uzbekistan. Taxi and buses form the main mode of transport in and out of Namangan.


Accommodation Options at Namangan

Tourist can have a comfortable stay at hotels in Namangan. There are three star hotels with deluxe rooms as well as decent budget hotels in Namangan. Hotels at Namangan have various outstanding facilities such as free transport to and fro airport, flat screen TV, children amusement areas, medicinal massages etc. Rental charge on rooms in three star hotels in Namangan start at $180 per day and for decent budget hotels a single room will cost $60 to $80 per day:

  • Chorsu Hotel
  • Club Hotel 777, Fergana
  • Asia Hotel, Fergana
  • Vostok Hotel, Kirgili
  • Dangara Hotel, Kokand
  • Ziyorat Hotel
  • Dustlik Hotel
  • City Hotel
  • Hotel KSK
  • Asia Ferghana

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