Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Fergana, Uzbekistan, Asia

Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Fergana, Uzbekistan, Asia

All the administration work at Fergana province is looked after in Fergana city which is the capital of the province which has a population of 187,100. Fergana is situated in the east side of the country, Uzbekistan in the south of Asia central at latitude 40023’11” N and longitude 71047’11” E. The territory occupied by Fergana is about 71km2. The capital city of Uzbekistan, Tashkent is 316 km from Fergana in the east direction. Andijan is 76 km westward from Fergana. Temperatures drop to -2.80 C in winter and in summer the average temperature varies from 20.30 C to 34.70 C. Industries such as oil refinery, electronics, food processing, cement, fertilizer, glass and glass ware, automobile etc., has lead to the significant growth of economy for the country.


History of Fergana

Fergana valley once was an important place in Uzbekistan. During the past Uzbekistan was linked to China by the Silk Road which passed through the Fergana valley. In the year 1873, the Russian Empire extended their territory into Fergana valley after conquering the neighboring country Turkmenistan. Developments to make Fergana the one of the largest city in Uzbekistan took shape in the year 1876.


People & Culture of Fergana  

In Fergana cake making is not only considered a lucrative business but also a tradition. Ever since the 19th century many houses are built based on the magnificent blue-washed tsarist colonial-style houses making them earthquake proof. Population of Fergana includes Russians, Tatar and Soviet Koreans other than Uzbek.


Tourist Places in Fergana  


  • Ferghana Regional Museum of Local Lore


Tourist can have a glimpse of various relics and antiques exhibited in Farghana Regional Museum of Local Lore belonging to the past era.


  • Old Fortress


There is an old fortress in Fergana Valley, which once was used to protect the area from foreign invasion.


  • Regional Theater


Dramas based on scripts written in local language are performed in this theater every evening.


  • House of Officers


In the past the House of Officers was used by Military Council. Many talks amongst the council of the army were held in this place.


  • Ferghana University


Once what used to be a sports center is now turned into a University for higher studies.

Other tourist places worth visiting in Fergana are:

  • Juma Mosque in Kokand
  • Margilan Silk Factory
  • Rishtan Art Ceramics Factory
  • Shakhimardan


Means of Commutation to Fergana


Fergana Airport sees to the arrival and departure of flights both national and international. Flights are available from Fergana to places such as Tashkent on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday, St. Petersburg on Sunday, Kazan and Moscow on Friday.



A rail link provides connectivity between Fergana and Tashkent. Plans are on to create a railway link known as Trans-Kaspian Railway which connects Tashkent to Turkmenabad in Turkmenistan via Fergana.



Roads from Fergana links Fergana to various places in Uzbekistan. There are taxi services from Fergana to Tashkent at a charge of $11. The journey to Tashkent via Kamchik mountain pass by road from Fergana takes a minimum of five hours. Tourists can bargain the fare price before getting into the taxi.

Accommodation Options at Fergana

There are five star hotels with elegant rooms priced at $210 a day. There are economy hotels with air conditioned single room for $70 and Double room for $95. Free breakfast, international phone, fridge, satellite TV and internet are some of the amenities available in these hotels:

  • Club Hotel 777
  • Dangara Hotel
  • Asia Hotel
  • Vostok Hotel
  • Dustlik Hotel
  • Ziyorat Hotel
  • Chorsu Hotel
  • Amulet Hotel
  • Tashkent Palace Hotel
  • Hotel Khudayarkhan
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