Places to Visit in Gardez, Afghanistan, Asia

Places to Visit in Gardez, Afghanistan, Asia

Gardez is the capital of the Patkia Province that comes under Gardez district surrounded by deserts and Hind Kush mountain ranges lying at an elevation of 7500 feet above sea level. Gardez coordinates with 33.36’ degree North Latitude and 69.13’ degree East Longitude.


History of Gardez:

Though there is no proper evidence about history of Gardez, but some believe that Gardez was been ruled by Greeks, Sassanid and Turk Empires. Gardez was founded by Kharijite warlord Hamza Bin Abdullah Shari. In year 870 A.D. Gardez was ruled by Saffarid dynasty and in year 975 A.D. it came under the rule of Ghaznivads. Gardez was invaded by Sultans of Ghor in 1162 A.D. and became a part of the Mughal Empire during 16th century.

 Climatic conditions in Gardez:

Gardez faces very hot and dry summer months wherein the maximum temperature exceeds more than 35 degrees and the region experiences severe cold wave climatic conditions during winters where at times the minimum temperature falls to low of -30 degrees.


Food, culture and cuisine in Gardez:

The residents of Gardez are friendly and show affection towards their neighbors and outsiders. They help their neighbors during times of distress and give a helping hand during trouble times. Most of the residents living in Gardez prefer non-veg food as their main menu and the delicacies include rice biryanis, meat items, curries and ghosht.

 Connectivity to Gardez in Afghanistan:

Gardez is located about 142 kms from Kabul and approx 103 kms from Khost. Regular air-conditioned bus services are available from Kabul to Gardez at regular point of time. The nearest airport is Kabul International Airport located at 142 kms from Gardez where many flights to many international destinations arrive and depart from this airport on daily basis. There are train services too plying between Gardez to Khost and Kabul.


Hotels in Gardez:

Gardez has some good hotels that cater to the accommodation needs of the tourists coming to this place. Hotels range from 1 star category to 5 star category and offer hosts of amenities and facilities like swimming pool, massages, spa, saloon, bar, broadband connectivity, conduct sightseeing tours, arrange for ticket bookings, laundry services etc. Here is the list of hotels taken from Kabul which is about 142 kms from Gardez is as follows:

  • Hotel Park Star
  • Hotel Maple Leaf Inn
  • Le Monde Guest House
  • Hotel The Baron
  • Hotel Diana Inn
  • Hotel InterContinental
  • Hotel Kabul Serena
  • Hotel Safi Landmark
  • Hotel Mustafa
  • Hotel Heetal Plaza
  • Hotel Capital Inn

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